Jetsetter Reviews

Jetsetter Reviews

Jetsetter Reviews - Jetsetter LogoNot everyone has the time and resources to see the world’s top destinations whenever they want. For most people, the dream of going to faraway places is a luxury that they can only wish to attain. Well, with work, family, and other responsibilities, we often find ourselves too preoccupied to even think of traveling! However, those who do attain the chance to travel (a long weekend, the holiday seasons, or an approved leave from work), usually have a hard time finding the right destinations to visit and travel services to avail of. This is where online travel agencies come in.

Jetsetter is an online travel agency and travel blog website that provides their members with the top travel deals. Peter Mani and Drew Patterson founded Jetsetter on the 30th of September 2009 in New York. According to their site, they are “your most well-traveled friend, the one with great taste and inside connections, who you call when you need advice on where to go.” Today, we will take a look at some of the latest Jetsetter reviews to verify this company’s quality of service.

Good hotels, bad customer service

The travelers who used Jetsetter to book their hotels and activities have left a handful of Jetsetter reviews online. People said that the featured hotels on the website were indeed of good quality, however, the services offered by Jetsetter was something that could definitely be improved.

One reviewer said that Jetsetter’s customer service was unreachable during the weekend. In the reviewer’s case, she complained about the company not updating their travel date, contrary to what was told to them on the phone. After arriving at their booked hotel, they were shocked to find that they did not have the reservation which they paid for via Jetsetter.

Many unsatisfied customers expressed their concern regarding the unreliable customer service representatives that fail to do what the customers ask them to do, to their expense and inconvenience.

The website

Jetsetter Reviews - Jetsetter Website

Their chic website allows is adorned with lots of images showcasing their featured destinations and the hotels and activities in those areas. The images used are clear, the font sizes and colors are used properly, and the web design exudes modernity.

At the top of their homepage, you will find the booking form. It has three fields that you need to fill up: the destination, the check in date, and the check out date. Once done, click the orange search button and you will be directed to the results page showing the hotels and activities in your specified destination.

On the upper part of their page, you may check out at the top deals, top destinations, editor’s picks, and their blog by clicking the respective tabs.

Customer service

To get in touch with Jetsetter’s customer service via telephone, dial 877-573-8872. If you would rather send them a message, email them at You may also send them a postal mail by addressing your letter to: Jetsetter, 330 Hudson Street Floor 2, New York, NY 10013.

About Jetsetter

Jetsetter offers travellers a way to search for available hotels, travel destinations, and interesting activities to do in the area. The hotels listed on their site are categorized into two: Jetsetter Verified and Jetsetter Approved. Jetsetter Verified hotels are hotels that have been personally visited by their publication staff which also offers first-hand reviews of the place. Jetsetter Approved hotels, on the other hand, are qualified hotels which has yet to be visited by the company’s staff.

Contact information


Jetsetter Reviews - Unsatisfied with Jetsetter

No matter how good or classy Jetsetter’s partnered hotels may be, the experience can still be ruined by the company’s poor customer services. With unconfirmed bookings, customers will not be able to fully enjoy their well deserved vacations. With that, I give Jetsetter a two stars out of five rating.

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