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Kagoshima Airport is the airport serving Kagoshima, Japan. It is recognised as the second-busiest airport in Kyushu. Kagoshima airport opened in 1972. It replaced the former Imperial Japanese Navy airfield in the Kamoike area.

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Information desks are located throughout the airport terminals. The staff may provide information on airport facilities, airport navigation, traffic access information, rental car services, hotel concierge services, tourist taxi concierge services, general tourist information and paging services. There are also Korean & Chinese personnel in the General Information Office and visitors can send them questions prior to visiting the airport.

Kagoshima Airport Reviews - Airport DiningKagoshima Airport has a variety of food chains and restaurants like Food Court Wing, Oozora Shokudou, Airport Yamakataya Family Restaurant, Airport Yamakataya Saika, Fukufuku, Komekome Bakubaku, Royal Coffee Shop at Kagoshima Airport, Royal Sky Garden Cafe, Kitchen Satsuma, Dotour Coffee Shop at Kagoshima Airport, Sky Shop Sky Terrace, Sky Shop International Terminal Cafe and Sky Shop 8 Gate Coffee Shop where airport visitors can get something to eat before leaving the airport or while they wait for their flight.

Kagoshima Airport Reviews - Airport ShoppingShopping establishments such as Ana Festa Kagoshima, Sky Shop, Blue Sky, Airport Yamakataya, Dream Garden, Royal, World Shop Senka, Family Mart and many more are located in the airport terminals.

Free internet access is available all throughout the airport, so visitors can stay connected with the people they love or get some work done while they wait for their departure.

Kagoshima Airport may also provide assistance to passengers/visitors with special needs.  The airport has facilities and equipments such as wheelchairs and baby strollers, parking spaces and platform for disabled visitors, multi-purpose restrooms, elevators and escalators, moving sidewalk, wheelchairs for footbaths, braille blocks and braille signs to address the various special needs of their visitors.


Kagoshima Airport is located in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. To reach the airport or go to another destination from the airport, visitors may use private cars, taxis, buses or mass transit.

Location – Traffic – Service

The airport served 5,220,710 passengers, has carried 30,402 metric tonnes of cargo and recorded 66,645 aircraft movements in 2015. Kagoshima Airport is operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Kagoshima Airport Building Co., Ltd. and it serves as the main hub of Japan Air Commuter.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: KOJ
  • Phone number: + 81 995-73-3638
  • Website URL: http://koj-ab.co.jp/en
  • Address: 787-23 Tokuriyama, Mizobecho-Fumoto, Aira-gun, Kagoshima-ken 899-64, Japan

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There are only a few reviews about Kagoshima Airport, but by looking at the services and facilities provided by the airport, we can conclude the airport provides enough in order to address the various needs of the passengers and airport visitors.

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    the airport has good facilities and there are lots of stores where you can buy food and other things.


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