Kenya Airways Reviews

Kenya Airways Reviews

Kenya Airways Reviews - Kenya Airways LogoKenya Airways is generally popular for being the main air carrier in the land of Africa. In fact, it even beat some significant African carriers such as Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways. This article about Kenya Airways reviews aims to give air travelers a complete overview about this unprecedented carrier. We are likewise going to discuss what their past clients can say in regards to their offered services.

What people are saying

Former flyers of Kenya Airways gave diverse reviews regarding the carrier’s administrations. Regardless of the blended responses from their clients, Kenya Airways still somehow was able to get a general passing rate.

The carrier is quite known for the modest onboard services they give to travelers. Also, a larger part of clients who left their reviews are satisfied with the carrier’s expert administration. Besides that, in-flight pleasantries are entirely exceptional; and these all comes at a moderate cost.

In any case, there are several clients who expressed their complaints regarding the carrier. Clients saw the poor design of the aircraft, which is solid and limited for a normal individual contrasted with customary economy setups; also the confined seats can be a pain. Then again, Kenya Airways officially tended to this issue with their new Dreamliner that has a decent seat configuration and a reasonable seat spaciousness.

A look at their website

Kenya Airways Reviews - Kenya Airways Website
Now, their site is pretty basic and can be used for overseeing flights. Additionally, it’s furnished with various critical data that can help travelers for a more insured voyage. They additionally publicize special round outing bundles with moderately reasonable costs. Take in more about their site, click here.

Beside their site, Kenya Airways has developed their own mobile application named the “KQ Mobile”. The recently overhauled application offers a proficient approach to book traveler flights and to get all the flight data which travelers may access through their smart phones and tablets.

Customer service

For client’s general request and help, Kenya Airways clients hotline can be accessed by dialing + 254-(0)20-6422000 which is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. For more local hotlines, clients may visit their site by clicking here. In addition to that, clients can likewise utilize their client administration hotline to inform the airline of their specific medical requirements.


Kenya Airways Reviews - Kenya Airways ServicesThe airline offers just two cabin classes: Economy flight class and Business class. Additionally, inflight administrations contrast with traveler flight class and courses. For travelers in the economy class, food and drinks are served; in any case, short-distance travelers are solely given refreshments. Additionally, travelers from the Business class flights can enjoy a higher-tier service quality contrasted with those in the Economy Class. Multi-course, high-quality suppers with complimentary refreshments are served. Besides that, they can enjoy up to 75 to 76-inch seat pitch which can be changed into completely lie level beds.


Kenya Airways Ltd., operating as Kenya Airways is the flag carrier and national airline of the Republic of Kenya. It has a base camp in Embakasi, Nairobi and a primary center point at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, which is the main global air terminal situated in the nation’s metropolitan area.

Kenya Airways only has a little armada size, which just comprise of 45 planes in their current stock. The airline flies travelers to more than 62 destinations across the globe.

Contact information


In view of the Kenya Airways reviews above, I have a feeling that the carrier puts great consideration to its clients’ needs; and on the off chance that you are pondering what sort of administration the carrier gives, everything I can say is that their administration is pretty much above average. The only issue would be the uncomfortable cabin configuration Be that as it may, we can, at present, say that Kenya Airways is still one of the great carriers in Africa that give effective and reasonable flight services to travelers.


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    The Kenya Airways staff are some of the friendliest people I have ever seen. Great service, and would definitely fly again if given the chance.


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