London City Airport Reviews

London City Airport Reviews

London City Airport - LogoLondon City Airport (IATA Code: LCY), not to be confused with London Heathrow Airport, is an international airport that serves London, United Kingdom. It is situated at the Royal Docks in the London Borough of Newham and has been developed by Mowlem, a civil engineering company back in 1987.

In this article we will assess the airport’s performance and facilities by checking out some of the latest London City Airport reviews from various review pages online.

What People Think of LCY

It appears that efficiency is the key factor that makes people love London City Airport . Although not as big as Heathrow or Gatwick airport, everything inside LCY works like clockwork. Passengers like how accessible the airport is, with the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) running just in front of the entrance, people will not have a hard time going anywhere outside the airport.

Since the moment I arrived by DLR and the moment I was in front of my gate, I’d say there was 12 minutes.”, said Christoph, a previous passenger. Basically, if you like smooth flowing airports, you will like London City Airport.


London City Airport - InsideTher terminals of LCY are clean and spacious. Once inside, you may notice the fast-paced environment that seems to be favored by a lot of business travelers. The terminal itself is pretty small, with a single building which consists of two levels. Despite its size, passengers rarely feel crowded due to the efficient ground handling. As for internet connectivity, free WiFi is available as well as some internet kiosks.

Ground Transportation

Transportation is not an issue here since the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) goes directly in front of the airport. If you don’t like to ride the DLR, you can opt for other transportation methods including the buses, taxis and car rentals.

Location, Traffic and Service

The airport is located in the Royal Docks, about 6 nautical miles to the east of the London metropolitan area. Last year, 2015, LCY handled a total of 4,319,301 passengers and 76,260 aircraft movements. Moreover, it only has a single, 4,948-foot long runway.

The airport acts as the hub for CityJet and British Airways.

Terminal Map

London City Airport - Terminal Map

To view the full London City Airport terminal map, visit this page.

Contact Details


Passengers may love the no-nonsense feel of LCY while others may find it boring. Nevertheless, the efficiency and ease of navigation have spawned good London City Airport reviews, so it’s more likely that people are generally pleased. If you are a traveling businessman or someone who flies for corporate reasons, then this airport is for you.

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  1. juno tenese

    I found it a bit dull with its drab design, still a fast airport and the security personnel were not rude.


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