Magellans Travel Shop Reviews

Magellans Travel Shop Reviews

Magellans Travel Shop Reviews logoWhen traveling, it pays to have the best gear at hand so that everything would be enjoyable during the trip. That is why there are companies that set-up shop primarily aimed at providing customers a selection of the best travel wear and equipment in town.

This is Magellans Travel Shop. They provide a range of products from clothing to footwear that would surely make any traveler fashionable and more comfortable. Apart from that, Magellans offers a wide range of products, which they claim are hard to find in regular travel shops.

In this OTA Reviews, travelers would be reading about the online travel shop and learn more about how it is operated. Other than that, travelers would also be reading about customers feedback from Magellans Travel Shop Reviews.

Your Trusted Source for Travel Solutions and Gear

Founded in 1989 by a couple of travel professionals, Magellans Travel Shop (registered as Magellan’s International Travel Corporation) is a “multi-channel retailer of travel products and gear to customers worldwide. It retails men’s and women’s clothing and shoes, rain gear, in flight comfort products, small bags and wallets, luggage, packing aids, portable electronics and accessories, health and hygiene products, and gifts through a chain of retail stores, a catalog, an online shop, and phone orders.”

The contents of their catalog is well researched by a group of travel specialist to guarantee a 100% rate customer satisfaction. Apart from that, Magellans offer products that are hard to find; these range from “overseas electrical adapters to packing aids that keep travelers belongings organized during travel.”

Magellans Travel Shop Reviews Gloria and John McManus

Magellans Travel Shop Mrs. and CEO Gloria and John McManus

Add to that, the company guarantees that their wide range of products would be durable and comfortable. As for the wearable gear, there are “specifically developed to adhere to the demanding requirements of travel. “

The company is based in Santa Barbara, California. Founder John McManus is the president and chief executive officer of Magellan’s International Travel Corporation. Before heading his own company, McManus held an executive position in PanAm.

Meanwhile, customers gave the travel shop mixed reviews. There were several customers who were delighted with the products that they bought from the shop. Some even shared their excitement with the items that they found, which could be amazing gift items.

Other than that, they said that the products were justly priced. They were really happy with the service that they received when they stepped in the shop.

On the other hand, there were some customers who felt that the service provided by the sales team wasn’t enough. One customer said that they might have interrupted the day of the sales ladies since no one was minding them when they walked in the store. There were others who even complained about the rude manner the sales ladies treated them when they made an inquiry.

Nevertheless, the overall rating for Magellans Travel Shop was fantastic. The shop was able to provide the products the customers were looking for at a decent price.

When a customer checks the website, they would be greeted by several advertisements of the products featured in the Magellans catalog. Also, there is a main navigation panel on top of the page, which allows customers to check for travel clothing, in flight comfort, bags, wallets and luggage, packing aids, portable electronics, health and hygiene, gifts, new gear, and outlet sale.

Other than that, customer can check any of the quick links provided at the bottom of the website for further assistance, concerning their purchase. Apart from that, the travel shops hotline numbers are also posted at the bottom right portion of the website.


Overall, Magellans Travel Shop is an excellent choice when shopping for travel wear and equipment online. They have a full ranged catalog that offers several products that would fit any traveler’s needs. However, there were a few complaints surrounding the store staff which the company could definitely improve and upgrade in no time.

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  • Contact number:    805-568-5408
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  • Head Office Address:    110 West Sola Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States

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