Malaysia Airlines Reviews

Malaysia Airlines Reviews

Malaysia Airlines Reviews Malaysia Airlines logoImagine a world with no commercial aviation. Difficult, eh? The convenience brought by the emergence of commercial aviation literally transformed the way we all live. Imagine the slowness of everything. From traveling to sending relief goods, everything would be at a much slower pace.

Thanks to innovations in the airline industry, people can now visit a different country in just a few hours. However, higher innovations meant higher customer standards. Businesses in the airline industry must prove their worth before they can be called “successful airlines”. With that, today we will be looking Malaysia Airlines reviews, to see if this airline can satisfy their passengers’ increasing needs and wants.

Origins and Ownership

Malaysia Airlines Reviews Christoph MuellerMalaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB), or simply Malaysia Airlines, is Malaysia’s flag carrier and also one of the country’s major airlines. MAB was founded on October 12, 1937 under the name of Malayan Airways.

The CEO of Malaysian Airlines since May 2015 has been Christoph Mueller. Prior to joining Malaysia Airlines, Mueller had worked as Aer Lingus’ CEO. In 1988, he graduated from University of Cologne where he received his MBA in Accountancy. With his education and experience, Christoph Mueller was highly praised for playing a pivotal role in the financial rebound of Aer Lingus.

People’s Thoughts on MAB

I am seeing quite a lot of mixed passengers’ opinions after searching for Malaysia Airlines reviews. Some customers seem to be highly pleased with their flight while others had lots to complain about. Among the positive airline traits were: the extra spacious leg room, the friendly cabin crew, and the free wine. For the negatives, sadly, there’s quite a lot. The most prominent issue usually involves the ground staff and customer support representatives.

A customer complained about not being able to receive an explanation for the cancellation of his flight. Another passenger got angry when the ground crew insisted on weighing his mother’s wheelchair, and then added that to their weight allowance, which, according to him, was never the case for other airlines.

More customers commented on the decline of the airline’s service quality, which was probably due to the cost-cutting activities that are currently happening to the airline.

Their Website

Malaysia Airlines Reviews WebsiteAs for their website, you will notice the prominence of the color blue. The usage of the color is good and no over saturation can be seen on their theme and on the images that were used. On top of the page, you will notice the cover photo that features a nice beach sunset. Note that this photo may change over time. Directly below the cover photo, you will see our tabs. These tabs feature the services that are currently being offered, namely: the Book tab (for flights), the Hotel tab, the Check-in tab and the Flight Status tab. Click any one of them and you will notice that the form located directly below will automatically change. Those who wish to book a flight or a hotel should fill up all the necessary fields. Online check in and flight status tracking are also available.

Customer Service

Their 24-hour customer support call centres may be contacted by calling the following hotline numbers: 1 300 88 3000 (for callers within Malaysia) and +603 7843 3000 (for international callers, charges may apply).

If your baggage is missing, or if you found any item, you may call +603 8776 3733 or +603 8776 3742. Note that these numbers are only open from 7 AM to 11 PM (GMT+8).

For more information regarding how to contact them, go to this page.

Services Offered

Malaysia Airlines offers three cabin classes to suit their customer’s budget needs. These classes are: the First Class, the Business Class and the Economy Class. Inflight meal options may depend on your class. Most customers noticed that a lot of their dishes are a little bit spicy, so if you’re not a fan of spicy foods, inform the flight attendants immediately. Their meals comprise of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.

MAB features the Going Places inflight entertainment system, which includes new and old movies, a wide array of TV shows, music, radio channels, e-learning systems and even video games. Recently, the Going Places ife system released several multi-player games.

About Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the flag carrier of Malaysia and has played a vital role in the history of Malaysian commercial aviation. The airline flies roughly 60 domestic and international destinations. These include countries across the Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

Their active fleet consists of 21 Airbus and 56 Boeing aircraft, giving them a total of 77 in-service aircraft.

Contact Details

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +60 3 7843 3000
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +60 3 7847 3171
  • Head Office Address: 3rd Floor, Admin Building 1, MAS Complex A, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, 47200 Subang Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan, 50250, Malaysia

A Recuperating Airline

After overcoming the crash of their MH370 and MH17 aircraft, the airline is now undergoing a fresh start and may need several months to a few years to fully get back on track. Unfortunately, this recovery process may have hit their quality of service, at the expense of their passengers. Passengers who have written the Malaysia Airlines reviews that I’ve read seemed to be highly unsatisfied by the route the company seems to be trekking. Hopefully, the airline fully recovers and regains the glory it once had.


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  1. Kristal

    My husband was bound to Kuala Lumpur last May. He had booked on March 25 and originally had to fly on May 9. For some reason, we got an email telling us that the flight was cancelled and his flight was moved to May 11. We asked for an explanation but all we got were vague excuses.


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