Michaelbluejay Reviews

Michaelbluejay Reviews

MichaelBluejay Reviews Michael BluejayIn the online travel agency market, a mix of travel agents and travel agency critics have coexisted to provide travelers an idea of the latest products and services out in that market, which could be beneficial to them. Apart from that, these individuals and companies raise customers’ awareness in choosing the best products suitable to their needs.

Well, Michael Bluejay is one of those travel blogs. His advocacy is for people to stop flying, because flying causes climate change. Apart from that, Michael Bluejay offers a collation of affordable flights on the Internet. He also presents these in a very quirky fashion which is true to his brand of web publishing.

In this OTA Review update, customers would be reading how the travel blog is operating and what services are they offering to the customers. Also, travelers would be reading Michaelbluejay reviews based on customer feedback posted on the Internet.

Michael Bluejay is a writer and web publisher born in New York City. He went to college in Austin, Texas and settled there ever since. Apart from that, he has traveled to various countries to the UK, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, India, Africa, China, and Japan.

Bluejay admits that he doesn’t like flying. He adds that he travels on cargo ships when crossing large bodies of water or on buses or trains when crossing over land. He admits to being a minimalist and espouses several advocacies.

He has been well known for his top ranking websites, even for his website on cheap flights.

MichaelBluejay Reviews airfaresMeanwhile, several Michaelbluejay reviews have shared mixed opinions about the websites published by Bluejay. Although most of them are not about his website on cheap flights, they do offer some sneak peek at how the man and his website looks and feels to the common onlooker.

There were some reviews that expressed their doubts of the references pointed out by Michael Bluejay in some of their articles. Others thought that the web publisher was a bit rude.

On the other hand, there were also some readers of the websites published by Michael Bluejay who found the information published on the website as informative and very useful. There were also some the advised readers not to be overwhelmed by the eccentricities of the web publisher because what he writes about has some value in daily activities.

Meanwhile, Michael Bluejay’s “how to find cheap airfares,” is not an online travel agency. However, it is a great source of information on online travel websites that offer the most affordable airfares.

For instance, he has a blog entry, “Top 10 Tips for getting the Cheapest Airfare,” wherein customers can read through his recommended online travel agencies that offer flexible dates. The blog entry also offers useful tips when to use a certain website if a traveler is looking for a certain deal.

There is a navigation bar on the top and the bottom of the website. The navigation bar contains quick links for cheap airfare tips, search engines compared, flexible dates, international fares, travel modes compared, news, don’t fly united, and email.

He also has a quick link for email support, which could be used by readers if they want to ask him some tips regarding the many online travel agencies that have spread on the Internet.


Even though the website is mainly a blog full of tips for travelers, it’s definitely worth checking out especially that the publisher offers a vast catalog of articles that feature the best online travel agencies depending on the traveler’s itinerary requirements.

Contact information

  • Website URL:        http://airfare.michaelbluejay.com/
  • Contact Email:        please check the contact me link
  • Head Office Address:    Austin, Texas

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