Misterb&b Reviews

Misterb&b Reviews

Misterb&b Reviews - Misterbnb LogoThe LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community has been receiving a lot of support lately. Various people and organizations have been coming up with different strategies to encourage this progressive movement. This includes businesses offering services specifically directed to the  members of the community, and Misterb&b is one of them. Misterb&b is an online accommodation booking website specifically made to cater the needs of gay and bisexual men from all over the world. While this seems like a great idea, how well does the company fare when it really comes down to their services? Let’s find out by looking at the latest Misterb&b reviews online.

Origins and ownership

Misterb&b Reviews - Matthieu JostThe idea for misterb&b occurred after Matthieu Jost, the company’s co-founder, along with his partner, felt uncomfortable during their short-term apartment rental experience in Barcelona. According to him, the host was clearly against two men sleeping on the same bed. This experience led to Jost coming up with an idea to create a business which offered a safe and gay-friendly short-term rental services to gay men.

Matthieu Jost is the chief executive officer and co-founder of misterb&b. Jost is an Information Technology graduate from from EPSI – School of Computer Engineering. He then proceeded to earn his Communication Master from Ecole Française des Attachés de Presse (EFAP).

Prior to founding misterb&b, Jost was the COO and co-founder of mygaytrip.com, a European website that features gay lifestyle.

What people are saying

A lot of the misterb&b reviews that I found online were generally positive, with clients praising the company for coming up with an idea that many other companies seem to overlook. Surprisingly, the users of the website were not purely gay men, but women as well. This is because women generally feel safer with gay men because they knew that their hosts would not be interested in them in a sexual way. This allowed them to rest easy. People also noted that gay men were a lot more engaging and they knew more about the fun places to go.

However, the company is not perfect and many clients have also experienced unsatisfactory service. The clients complained about not receiving a reply after inquiring about their concerns, some hosts have also griped about not receiving the proper amount of payment after allowing guests to use their rooms.

A look at the website

Misterb&b  Reviews - Misterbnb Website
The website of misterb&b is straightforward and quite aesthetically pleasing. The homepage features a simple search form which can be filled used to look  up available b&b accommodations from your specified destination.

Scroll down and  you will find the top destinations from various tourist spots around the world. They also show the best deals that include the prices of rooms per night.

Misterb&b also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Customer service

To contact the misterb&b’s customer service representatives, you may call +1 (415) 802-0876 (USA and Canada) or +33 9 75 18 74 62 (international) from 9AM to 2AM every weekdays, 3PM to 2AM every Saturday, and 9AM to 7PM every Sunday. All times are on Central European Time.

You may also send them a message on support@misterbandb.com.

Contact information


Despite the unique concept and the website’s usefulness, Misterb&b has yet to achieve pure excellence when it comes to offering their services. From unsatisfied clients to unpaid hosts, the company needs to ensure that both sides receive their equal share so as to prevent the above issues.

What do you think of Misterb&b and their services? Leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Misterb&b Reviews

  1. lucas

    Aww, it’s nice to see something like this. Finally, people are being more accepting towards the LGBT.

  2. bill alverson

    i used the business twice – paris and dusseldorf – lovely experience BUT i just had an awful experience with customer service. I booked a room and then within 24 hours cancelled because i had a conflict due to business that was verified so i had to change the trip — delayed only — this was the day before i was to check in. close in time proximity. nevertheless the host decided to keep the money (although i committed to rebook with him). it was a business trip and this company has missed the fact that business travelers would love to utilize this option. after contacting the company, a person who was weak with english told me that the host wanted the full amount and the policy is stated. i challenge anyone to readily find the cancellation policy on the site — good luck. its there. its buried.. dishonest


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