Mobissimo Review

Mobissimo Review

In this generation, people don’t just rely on online travel agencies to help them create their vacation itinerary. In the travel and tourism industry, there’s what’s called a travel search engine. Travel search engines operate in real time and provide a wide range of options coming from different online travel agencies to their customers.

The best part about travel search engines is that they perform an optimal scan of all the options for the customers query so that the customer could decide for themselves what would be the best travel package that would suit their current travel requirements.

In this updated Mobissimo Review, customers would be learning more about the travel search engine and read what previous customers had to say about the service offered by the company

Mobissimo Review CEO

Mobissimo CEO Beatrice Tarka

A company of wiz kids
Svetlozar Neztorov,
Beatrice Tarka, and Lucia Carniglia co-founded Mobissimo in 2003. As was mentioned earlier, Mobissimo is a travel search engine which allows travelers to mine the Internet for the lowest priced flight packages, hotel reservations, and car rental deals.

Apart from that, the travel search engine connects all of their customers to travel sites that consist of ideal price lists. Since the company was established, Tarka has been leading Mobissimo as its CEO. She had also served in the same capacity when she was with Axall Media in January 1996.

Tarka and Neztorov had known each other since they were teenagers. While Tarka graduated from the American University of Paris as well as earning an MBA from Boston University, Nestorov took computer science in Stanford University and was even a professor at the University of Chicago.

Nonetheless, it would take a lot more than just school smarts to run a company. That’s what this updated Mobissimo review was able to learn base on the various feedback posted on the Internet by the company’s previous customers.

Not so Bellisimo, Mobissimo!
Due to the multitude of options that customers receive from Mobissimo, some of them feel that the offers posted by the travel search engine may be too good to be true. There were previous customers that question Mobissimo’s reliability especially after encountering some inconsistent information when they verify certain package details over the phone.

The customers end up disappointed by what they claim to be fictitious advertisements. For the most part, the customers want Mobissimo to provide accurate information when it comes to pricing as well as complete information on flight package deals. On the other hand, there are some customers the say that Mobissimo was able to help them book for the best travel packages on the Internet; these happy customers even added that it is also the customers responsibility to check the online travel agency where Mobissimo would be collecting the information.

A simple travel search engine
Mobissimo Review web
Mobissimo’s website is pretty simple; in fact, some customers suggest that the company heads could make it more alluring. The home page offers deals for flights, hotels, car rentals and cruises. According to a previous Mobissimo review, the company specializes in searching price contrasts. Customers can always check their choice over others.

Meanwhile, the bottom of the page covers destination features, descriptive lists and self help tips. For more questions about their page, here are some FAQs that customers can read. Apart from that the website is easy to navigate and some say it is a masterly built site, although there might be some issues while browsing through it. 

Contact information

Add to that, this Mobissimo review was able to collect additional contact information that could be useful to interested customers:

  • Website:
  • Contact number: 1-415-344-0838
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number:  1-888-474-9733
  • Head Office Address: 631 Howard Street Suite 520San Francisco, California, 94105 USA.

Too good to be true!
If it’s too good to be true, customers might think twice of subscribing to their service. What Mobissimo could do is create a filter so that what it would be posting on their website when a customer performs a search would be travel packages with complete and accurate information.

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3 thoughts on “Mobissimo Review

  1. Leslie Grant

    that’s 100% correct. if it’s too good to be true there surely is something fishy going around that deal.. better be safe than sorry.

  2. Emmy Joe

    Inconsistency is definitely a deal breaker. I will not spend my money on such unreliable service.

  3. Eri Martin

    Just wondering if this OTA is good? Anyone here who’s tried it before? I’m about to fly to Aus in a few weeks and would like to look for cheap lodging. TIA.


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