Muscat International Airport Reviews

Muscat International Airport Reviews

Muscat International Airport Reviews - Sign 2Muscat International Airport (IATA Code: MCT), previously known as Seeb International Airport, is the international airport serving Muscat, the capital city of Oman. The airport is found 32 km from the old city of Muscat, inside the Muscat metropolitan zone, and spans over 21 square kilometers.

In this Muscat International Airport reviews, we will give people, especially travelers, an overview of the facilities and services of this airport. We hope this article helps the future passengers!

What people are saying

Muscat International Airport Reviews - ReviewsApparently, a lot of passengers found the airport to be unruly and outdated. Some have even went as far as to describe it as “chaotic”. A traveler said that she scarcely made it in time for her corresponding flight because of the rowdy lines in the security check area. As indicated by the traveler, individuals were pushing and shoving while the staff watches.

Andre Souza, a traveler from Brazil, described the airport to be “very basic and old“. While he did understand that a new terminal is being built, he noted that MCT appears to be “stuck in the 80’s”. Moreover, Andre complained about how long it took for him to get through immigration due to the staff’s lack of focus, usually talking to each other and constantly checking their mobile phones instead doing their job properly.

Terminal facilities

Muscat International Airport Reviews - InsideOnce inside, passengers who still have time may explore the terminal’s facilities. Those who need to grab something to eat or drink have plenty of choices among the different fast food outlets, coffee shops, and restaurants found in both the airside and the landside areas. Shopping in MCT can mostly be done in the five Duty Free shops as well as a few other stores.
There is a mosque in the arrivals area which has separate areas for males and females. Those with kids may go to the children’s play area. Other facilities include currency exchange booths, shower rooms found in the Plaza Premium Lounges, several ATM’s, an emergency clinic, baggage/luggage trolleys area, and a smoking room.

Free WiFi is available in Muscat International Airport, but you will need to sign in using a mobile phone number before you can begin surfing the internet.

Ground transportation

Several public and private transportation companies offer their services for MCT. A bus stop can be found at the Sultan Qaboos Highway which is located a short distance from the airport. If you have a reservation from a local hotel, you may contact them to see if they offer free shuttles to and from MCT. Moreover, taxi and car rental companies operate in the airport.

Traffic and service

Last 2014, Muscat International Airport handled a total of 8,709,505 passengers and 82,085 aircraft movements. There are two asphalt runways in MCT, but one has been temporarily closed. The airport also serves as the main hub for the flag carrier of Oman, Oman Air.

Current developments

Another Midfield Terminal with 32 boarding spans, ready to handle 12 million annual travelers, is booked to open by year-end 2016. It will house restaurants and other food retail concessions, rich parlors, with a 4-star lodging for exchange travelers.

Contact information


Compared to the airports in Oman’s neighboring countries, specifically the countries among the Gulf Cooperation Council, MCT is already considered rather passé. The efficiency is bad and the facilities, substandard. Looking at the Muscat International Airport reviews online shows us that this airport is inadequate and in need of a revamp.

With the new airport terminal being built, passengers can only hope that these issues be fixed so future travelers no longer have to experience what they have gone through.


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