Naples International Airport Reviews

Naples International Airport Reviews

Naples International Airport or Capodichino Airport is the international airport serving Naples, the largest metropolitan area of Europe that does not serve as a hub or secondary hub of any airline. Capodichino Airport is operated by GE.S.A.C, a corporation that is partially owned by the British Airport company, BAA. In this Naples International Airport Reviews, we will look into the services and facilities available at the airport.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Below are the Naples International Airport Reviews written by some customers who have used the services and facilities of the airport.

Naples International Airport Reviews - customer reviews

Naples International Airport Reviews - Customer Reviews

Naples International Airport Reviews - customer reviewsAesthetics

Customer service desks located at the ground floor in the Arrivals area of Capodichino Airport are open between 5:30 and 23:00. Flight, airport and tourist information, and other services, such as VIP assistance and porter service are provided by the staff. A Lost and Found Office is also in service, so passengers may request for mobile phone message text service to be activated, in case the passenger loses a baggage. This service will automatically send updated information regarding the search progress. The Baggage Assistance Call Service may be contacted 24/7 to provide information on the search status of a lost baggage. Baggage services are provided by GH Napoli, a private company that covers lost baggage procedures for all airlines.

Naples International Airport Reviews - DiningCapodichino Airport has limited options of shopping and dining establishments. Tradizione Italiana, Fratelli La Bufala, McDonald’s, MO Café, Pizzicheria, Briciole Bar, Giappo Sushi Bar, DUBL Feudi di S. Gregorio, San Gregorio Ristorante and Amme are the dining establishments available in the airport, in case you feel like grabbing a quick snack or something to fill your stomach before and after your flight. Shopping establishments like CRAI Minimarket, Tagliati per il Successo, Sunstore, Sole&Vista, Sylvian Heach, inSCINTILLE, Victoria’s Secret, Camomilla Italia, Carthusia and Napolimania are located before security check; while De Nigris, K.Way. Kimbo, Pinko, Jaked, Pasta Store, Fedon, Sartoria Condotti, O Naples International Airport Reviews - ShoppingBag, Toys Company, Harmont&Blaine, Venchi, Gutteridge, Andreano, Vincenzo Balleria, Roberta Biagi, la Feltrinelli, Aeronautica Militare, Worlddutyfree, Carthusia, Yamamay, Museum, fattori garofalo Mozzarella di bufala campana D.O.P, and Carpisa are located after security checks.

The airport is well-equipped with lifts, ramps, wide pavements, reserved parking and pedestrian crossings with sound signals for visually impaired passengers. Those with special needs should inform the staff before traveling.

Location & Traffic

Capodichino Airport is located 5.9km north-northeast of the city of Capodichino in the district of Napoli. It is accessible from all the cities by car and bus services. The airport handled 6,163,188 passengers and 60, 261 aircraft movements in 2015.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: NAP
  • Phone number: +39 081 751 5471
  • Website URL:
  • Address: Naples Airport, GE.S.A.C. S.p.A. Via del Riposo 95, 80144 Naples, Italy


In this Naples International Airport Reviews, we learned that the airport offers good services and well-maintained facilities to address the needs of every passenger. Naples International Airport receives a fair share of positive and negative responses from their customers. In some reviews, satisfied customers say that they had a pleasant experience and it was easy for them to find their way around the place. While some customers express their disappointment for having to wait in line for a long time and that the airport does not offer 24-hour services.



12 thoughts on “Naples International Airport Reviews

  1. fern

    navigation was easy and there were lots of shops where you can buy souvenirs and food.

  2. hazel

    lines are slow moving. might be helpful if they have more personnel on security and passport control

  3. michiko

    easy navigation and having a lot of great shops are some of the good points of this airport. the staff are also helpful and accommodating

  4. Charmaine

    great shops but they should look at options on how to improve more important services such as passport control and security check

  5. christian

    should focus on improving the quality of services instead of just having more stores for passengers

  6. giselle

    the shopping and dining facilities are good but the more important services should be improved.

  7. jared

    there a many great food options but the management should focus on more important services that the passengers and visitors need


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