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As technology swiftly makes everything fast and instant, and so does our traveling plans. We need travel agencies to be as fast, precise and convenient too! Thankfully, there is the internet, and thus—the Online travel agencies. They offer cheap deals and various discounts, helps you with your hotel bookings, car rentals and so on. I’ve checked some of the best OTAs until i stumble upon NetFlights, and hence: this review.

NetFlights Logo

Origins and Ownership

One of UK’s leading internet based travel companies, NetFlights, offers flights, hotels, holidays and car rentals. Established in 1992 as Airline Network, NetFlights was privately owned until december 2008, when it was taken by the Thomas Cook Group.Peter Fankhauser - Thomas Cook & Group CEOThomas Cook Group, is a British global travel company, listed on the London Stock Exchange. It was formed on June 19, 2007 by the merger of Thomas Cook AG, it was a successor to Thomas Cook & Son, and My Travel Group plc. Peter Fankhauser, is a Swiss businessman, and the CEO of the Thomas Cook Group since November 2014. He was Born on November 1960 and has a doctorate from the University of St. Gallen.

What people are saying

Basically, upon reading some of the reviews from some of NetFlights customers. I’ve noticed that all of them are quite happy with the service NetFlights has given them, while some are not quite pleased. Some of the comments are listed below.

My recent holiday was arranged via netflights. Very happy with them. They are based in Preston and used to go by the name of Airline Network. They are now part of the Thomas Cook Group.”


“I used when I travelled to Las Vegas and I had no problems with them, found them less expensive than booking direct with the airline (KLM/Delta/Northwest).”


“Airline network was bought out by Thomas Cook so therefore it’s really them you are buying from. So a big name in the UK. I have bought car hire from them but no flight’s. The car hire was trouble free.”


The Website

NetFlights website is a colorful website filled with various features and options to choose from. Here, you can check their available flights, book hotels, hire a land transportation service, check their holiday deals, and read some travel guides. The website is full of informations; from hotlines to customer service’s office hours, to destination guides, list of cheap flights and so on. NetFlights’ website boasts partnerships with over 135 airlines and 40,000 hotels, enabling low prices and enabling frequent exclusive offers. A photo of the website’s interface is posted below, and you can visit NetFlights website by clicking here.  

NetFlights Website

Customer Service

Unfortunately, NetFlights customer service’s office hours is not a 24/7 based hotline. Their Customer Service Department only opens from 9am to 6pm for weekdays, 9am to 5pm for saturday, and 10am to 4pm for sunday. However, this doesn’t mean that the accommodation of NetFlights customer service department is poor. In fact, previous customers have proven that NetFlights customer assistance is fast and reliable. You can contact NetFlights’ Customer Service Department by contacting the details posted below.  

Contact information

  • Website URL: Click Here
  • Contact number: 01772 386366
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address:, The Trident Centre, Port Way, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 2QG.


In conclusion, NetFlights’ still continues to give their customers a pleasant and convenient online traveling assistance. With their cheap deals and various offers, what more could you ask for? So come on and visit NetFlights, and see it for yourself, their exclusive offers that you can use. Happy traveling!



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