Noi Bai International Airport Reviews

Noi Bai International Airport Reviews

Noi Bai International Airport Reviews - Noi Bai International AirportHanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is a bustling metropolitan area known for its age-old architecture that fully showcases the influence of France, China, and other Southeast Asian nations. While the city, specifically the Old Quarter district, may appear unruly and somewhat confusing, tourists from all over the globe still flock the city for a piece of the authentic Vietnamese culture.

This capital city is served by Noi Bai International Airport (IATA Code: HAN), also recognized as the largest airport found in Vietnam. This two-terminal airport handles all domestic and international flights coming in and going out of the city. Today, let’s check out the latest Noi Bai International Airport reviews to see what travelers think of the airport’s overall quality.

A well designed airport

The latest Noi Bai International Airport reviews written by those who transited through the terminal are, fortunately, generally positive. Lots of travelers seem to appreciate the friendliness of HAN’s ground staff. Several reviewers said that the airport staff were all smiles while greeting the passengers, which is something that even I would appreciate.

The airport’s layout is also one of its strong points, with lots of natural light and large signages. Those who entered the airport were pleased, especially the passengers who transited through Terminal 2 (international terminal). The facilities were spotless, the floor was glossy and free of dirt (for the most part, at least), and the bathrooms were especially clean.

The airport’s efficiency is noteworthy as well. Going through security, customs, and check in counters are mostly speedy.

The look and feel

Noi Bai International Airport Reviews - Noi Bai International Airport InsideThe air terminal features a single lounge called the Business Lounge which is located in the airside in Terminal 2. Help and information zones are located on the primary floor of T1 on the off chance that you have to request for help.

There are a few dining options in HAN, but there are no 24-hour restaurants as of now. Shopping options can be quite limited, having only a Duty Free store, so don’t expect to be able to “shop til you drop” here.

Still, the airport’s cleanliness and overall quality, aesthetic-wise, is good and no major issues can be found here.

More about HAN

Noi Bai International Airport can be found in Phu Minh Commune, Soc Son District of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is situated about 35 kilometres to the northeast from the city’s central area. The airport uses two runways, one being 3,200 meters in length and is made of asphalt while the other is 3,800 meters in length and is made of concrete.

In the year 2015, the airport handled 17,213,715 passengers, 100,846 aircraft movements, and 355,000 tons of airfreight.

Terminal map

Noi Bai International Airport Reviews - Noi Bai International Airport Terminal Map

Contact details


A good and functional airport

Based on the Noi Bai International Airport reviews above, we can safely say that HAN is a good airport that can serve both local and international passengers. With noteworthy efficiency and clean facilities, the airport does not disappoint most travelers, and that in itself is a great thing.

What do you think of Noi Bai International Airport? If you’ve ever been here or if you plan on visiting Hanoi, leave us a comment below and let’s discuss!


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  1. Henry June

    It’s an efficient airport but the bleakness of the design and the old and filthy restrooms can ruin the experience.


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