Orbitz Review

Orbitz Review

Orbitz Worldwide was established by five major airlines in the US; initially, they were Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines and United Airlines. Subsequently, they were joined by American Airlines. It entered the online travel agency market following the rise of two older online travel agencies Expedia and Travelocity.

Since 2001, Orbitz Worldwide grew to include brands such as Orbitz.com, CheapTickets, Away Networks (the Americas), and eBookers (Europe). They were also able to establish brands in the South Pacific that were based in Sydney, Australia – HotelClub and RatesToGo.

In Sept. 17th, 2015, Expedia, Inc. successfully completed the acquisition of Orbitz Worldwide. This included all the brands and assets of the online travel agency that has been in the travel and tourism industry in the past 15 years.

In the press release published after the purchase of Orbitz Worldwide, Expedia, Inc. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that “our mission is to revolutionize travel through the power of technology.” Khosrowshahi even highlighted the importance of Orbitz’ “focus on transforming the way consumers around the world plan and book travel.” He added that they couldn’t be more aligned.

Orbitz Review CEO

This Orbitz review would be focusing on the Orbitz.com brand of Orbitz Worldwide. Apart from that, the experiences of former Orbitz.com customers prior and after the company’s Expedia takeover would be shared in this article.

Downright Crazy

Based on the complaints found by this Orbitz review, it seemed that Expedia has a lot to improve with the Orbitz.com brand.

A customer from California said that they had to spend more on the cancellation fee than with the room they book with a hotel. They added that the hotel room was booked for only $99 a night. When they had one day of their trip cancelled from the package, Orbitz charged them $117.

A customer from Colorado regretted not reading the reviews on Orbitz before booking a flight with them to Puerto Rico. The customer said that it felt like they were doing everything on their own. Orbitz merely booked the flight, but the customer had to do the seat reservation and other items in the itinerary. Apart from that, Orbitz did not inform them that the flight had been changed.

A customer from Burlington had a theory that Ortbiz intentionally makes mistakes on the booking of tickets and then, the online travel agency would make up excuses to avoid giving refunds to customers. The customer couldn’t help saying that the company was horrible.

Tourist Trap

When this Orbitz review checked the online travel agency’s website, it discovered several “hot deals” and advertisements that would truly draw any prospective traveler’s attention. Add to that, the rates that they would be charging the customers were reasonable. However, customers should be warned that there had been previous incidents when a customer was charged double after the clicked and booked a flight based on an advertisement on the website.

Orbitz review

Meanwhile, if customer would want to check out Orbitz on the go, they could download the Orbitz app in their iPhones and Android phones for free. They surely would not miss anything since the information on the app and the website are supposed to be synced all the time.

Orbitz review mobile app

Contact Information

For additional contact information about Orbitz, details would also be available on their website:

  • Website URL: http://www.orbitz.com/
  • Contact number: Orbitz Worldwide Press Line


  • Contact Email: press@orbitz.com
  • Head Office Address: Orbitz Worldwide, Chicago, IL USA

Cuckoo’s Nest

With the Expedia takeover, Orbitz customers expect changes to be made on the services that had been covered with issues from system errors that resulted to the cancellation of flights to rude customer support which adds to the frustration of customers. Hopefully, the new management would be able to talk sense to the company that’s making customers go cuckoo.

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4 thoughts on “Orbitz Review

  1. Jabbar54

    What they’re pulling off is definitely dizzying, won’t even dare book with them!

    1. leon strong

      it truly made me cuckoo when I booked with them. the service was terrible and caused me more the moment i got in the airport when i had to make sudden changes which weren’t my fault.

      1. Socrates Fleur

        Well, surely there must be something good about this company, right? Haven’t booked with this agent. I mean, they should all operate the same way. I’ll try them during the holidays and I’ll keep you guys posted.

  2. Cali

    The website looks a bit outdated. A nice little facelift might help. But no amount of facelifting can fix horrible service. Thumbs down on orbitz and their bad refund habits.


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