Orbitz Reviews 2016

Orbitz Reviews 2016

Orbitz Reviews 2016 - LogoTraveling, for some people, is nothing but a luxurious dream. Many people believe that they are too poor or too occupied to explore the world, when in reality, traveling should not be nearly as expensive as they think. How much you spend is largely dependent on the online travel agency that you use.

Today, we will be taking a look at various Orbitz reviews 2016 written by their customers. If you want to know what other people think of Orbitz, then you’re on the right page!

Origins and Ownership

Orbitz Reviews 2016 - Barney HarfordOrbitz is an online travel agency founded in the year 2001. It is the main brand of Orbitz Worldwide Incorporated and is currently owned by several business entities. The company has been established through the partnership of different international airlines.

Barney Harford, a British executive, is Orbitz’s former founding CEO. Harford worked for the company from 2009 to 2015, overseeing the company’s rapid growth. Before joining Orbitz, he took on numerous roles in Expedia, another travel company, from 1999 to 2006.

What people are saying

To know more about this OTA, we will be looking at the different reviews written by their customers. Customers have mixed opinions regarding Orbitz’s quality. According to some customers, they are using this online travel agency simply because they wanted to earn “Orbucks”. Orbucks are reward points that customers earn every time they book a flight with the website. The more points they have, the more discounts they may avail of in the future.

Not all is good, though. Orbitz seems to have this habit of cancelling their customer’s bookings without notifying them, but if they do happen to get notified, it would be on an extremely short notice. System glitches are also quite apparent. Samuel, a previous customer, said “Orbitz had system issues that had cost me over a thousand dollars and my vacation.” A THOUSAND DOLLARS! That’s a lot of money, surely they were going to get a refund, right? Nope. Nobody from the Orbitz customer service team was able to resolve the problem and the customer had no choice but to just accept that he had lost his money and entire vacation due to a system issue.

The Website

Orbitz Reviews 2016 - Orbitz WebsiteThe website looks simple, the images are nice and clear, and everything seems to function properly. The thing that irks me, though, is how the layout was designed. I think it would be better if they centered the large background image. Instead, it is docked to the left hand side of the page. In fact, most of the stuff on the page are docked to the left, with a large white space occupying the right. This seems really odd and I can’t see the reason behind this design.

As for the functionality, the website allows travelers to book flights, hotels, cars, cruises and vacation packages online. Current travel deals and activities can also be found on their appropriate pages. Online booking depends on which airline you use. For more information, click  here.

Customer Service Numbers

For inquiries, English speaking customers may contact the Orbitz customer service team by calling this number: 1-888-656-4546. For Spanish speaking customers, they may contact the team by calling this number: 1-866-895-8036. Those calling outside the United States may call 001-312-253-6469 (English) or 001-312-596-5787 (Spanish).

About Orbitz

Orbitz is a travel company based in Chicago, Illinois. They currently employ more than 1,400 people which include software engineers and travel experts. The company had faced several issues in the past. In May 2001, Southwest Airlines filed a case against Orbitz regarding false advertising and trademark infringement.

Contact information

  • Website URL: http://www.orbitz.com/
  • Contact number: 00 1 312-253-6469
  • Head Office Address: Orbitz 500 W. Madison St. Ste. 1000 Chicago, IL 60661


Hopefully, looking at the different Orbitz reviews 2016 has given you an idea on how this company really works. If you’re a traveler who values your hard earned money, I suggest you go for a different online travel agency, one that values your cash as much as you do.

That concludes our review of Orbitz. Do you agree with the customer reviews above? Have you tried booking with this agency? Let us hear your experiences by commenting down below!


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  1. James Morrow

    When I booked my flight to Tel Aviv (flying from Dallas) last February, I received a confirmation email after about 40 minutes. I thought all was good, but then I received another email 5 days later saying that my flight was already fully booked and that Orbitz could give me an alternative flight on a different later date. I declined. Such a hassle.


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