Peach Aviation Review

Peach Aviation Review

pe-planeThere are a lot of things to consider when traveling. And what we consider the most is the costly fares. However, gone are the days when airlines are the most expensive modes of transportation.

In this contemporary world with the clamor for affordable travel, low cost airlines paved the way by eliminating many in-flight services so it can provide an efficient yet affordable way to travel.

In this Peach Aviation review, we give travelers an overview about one of the most well known low cost airlines in Asia and know what their previous passengers can say about their services.

What people are saying

Just like many Asian low cost airlines, Peach Aviation is haunted by different customer woes, such as, poor customer service wherein customers are treated impolitely by their grumpy ground crew, not to mention the unorganized  boarding procedure of the airline. Aside from that, seats are cramped, which is very common especially for low cost airlines. According to customers, it’s very difficult to relax or even to sleep with the seats because spacing between seats are smaller compared to traditional airline.

The airline does not have a lot of amenities, all their aircraft are configured for economy flight class and inflight entertainment is not provided. And, with all these negative feedback thrown against them, the airline is well praised by travelers for the cheap price they have compared to other airlines.

Peach Aviation Website

v0vFm5aMeanwhile, their website is full of  promotional travel advertisements, which they offer different holiday travel packages and different useful information that customers will need when traveling with the airline. Furthermore, managing and booking with the airline is never been this easy. Using the navigation panel will allow customers to book their flights and complete their travel itinerary. Learn more about their website, here.

In addition to their website service, it’s also useful for different traveler services like hotel accommodation and car rental services in major cities in Japan and some other cities in Korea and Taiwan.

Customer Service

Flights can be booked online using their website or via airport counters. Aside from that, travelers can also book through their customer service hotline available via +81 3-6302-8991. However, booking fees may apply in making reservations using customer service. Moreover, for more information about their service, customers may visit their website, here.


Peach Aviation configured all their aircraft into economy, it aims to cater an efficient low cost travel experience for passengers. Regarding their service onboard, the airline has a buy and board policy, which customers have a choice to buy while on flight, they offer hot and cold meals, snacks, and beverages. Meanwhile, seat pitch is smaller compared to a traditional airline. Peach Aviation has only a 29-inch seat pitch.

About Peach

2004088The airline is a low cost airline based in Japan. They are the offshoot of the joint venture of  All Nippon Airways (ANA) and the First Eastern Investment Group established in February 2011. They have a fleet size of more than 17 Airbus aircraft in active service, that flies passengers in destinations in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Peach has a main hub at Kansai International Airport and a secondary hub at Naha Airport. In 2015, the airline launched their third hub at Narita International Airport  in Tokyo. Shinichi Inoue is the chief executive officer of Peach Aviation

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +81 3-6302-8991
  • Head Office Address: Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture, Japan


Based on this Peach Aviation review, the airline seems to have a bad reputation, but you cannot expect a top notch service from a low cost airline. In my point of view, the airline has an average service and it’s well recommended, especially for travelers who are in a tight budget.

What can you say about Peach Aviation? Share your experience with us, feel free to leave a message below.


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  1. eric pein

    The food was bad, the seats were pretty ok, i got a window seat by the way. The cabin was small and a bit cramped, still the prices were low so i can’t really complain.


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