Phuket International Airport Reviews

Phuket International Airport Reviews

Phuket International Airport Reviews - Phuket Island
Thailand is the home of the superb buddhist sanctuaries, as the main uncolonized country by western nations in southeast Asia, they offer a concealed heaven from white sand shorelines to breathtaking vacation spots. In this article, we will look at Phuket International Airport reviews to give voyagers an assessment regarding one of the busiest air terminals in the nation who assume a pivotal part in providing for the tourism business of the Kingdom of Thailand.

What people think of Phuket International Airport

The Phuket International Airport (IATA Code: HKT) visitors and passengers are hoping to see the airplane terminal to turn into more modernized and cozy. As of now, the air terminal is under redesign and some other renovations, that is the reason why it’s not astonishing to peruse some baffled clients who griped after experiencing a few inconveniences.

Then again, HKT is not too bad. However, like other numerous air terminals, Phuket International Airport is experiencing an increment of passenger populace every year. That is the reason it is exceptionally regular to see long queuing duration and seemingly unmoving security checks. In spite of the issues of this airport, it’s extremely clear that the air terminal is still maintained properly, yet enhancements are still needed.

Inside HKT

Phuket International Airport Reviews - Inside HKTPhuket International Airport is a medium-sized airplane terminal and it isn’t so much that hard to look for flight information and assistance areas located on each terminal. A lot of information desks can be found on each sides of the airplane terminal. There is no shortage of signanges in HKT, as noted by some travelers.

In the interim, the restrooms in Phuket International Airport are not as clean or as refined contrasted with other cutting edge airports. While spacious, some restrooms were said to be very filthy and full of grime, with wet floor and it appears absence of housekeeping.

The airplane terminal offers broad food and beverage options.  There are a considerable measure of Thai eateries scattered all over the terminal, a few of them offer a conventional Thai culinary experience and served the best and the most delightful luxuries of the nation. Despite what some of you might expect, shopping choices are somewhat constrained.


HKT is an essential air terminal that handles global and local flight in the Phuket Province of Thailand. Moreover, the airport is situated in the northern portion of Phuket Island, 32 kilometers (20 mi) from the focal point of Phuket City.

There are two essential transport alternatives to get to and from the terminal. Be that as it may, Airport transport is the fastest, it offers day by day transportation between Phuket Town and Phuket International Airport. Transport stops and schedules can be seen at the Departure Terminal. Additionally, terminal transport are government ordered which provides transportation services. That is the reason travelers don’t need to stress over their quality of service.

Location, traffic, and service

Phuket International Airport is the second busiest airplane terminal in the kingdom. They are the essential air terminal who assume a major part in handling the rising number of visitors in the nation, especially in the Phuket area, which holds a large the quantity of mainstream destinations in the nation. The airplane terminal has a recorded of more than 11.3 Million travelers with 27,000 flights every year. There are 10 carriers that use in the airplane terminal but Thai AirAsia is the sole carrier who utilizes the air terminal as its primary center point.

Terminal Map

Phuket International Airport Reviews - Phuket International Airport Terminal Map

Contact information

Lots of room for improvement

In light of these Phuket International Airport reviews, the air terminal is generally mediocre and currently needs more upgrades and renovations to better serve their developing number of travelers. On the qualm, they are not awful, all things considered.

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    Waited in queue for 30 minutes in the sweltering summer heat. Thank god for the air conditioning inside


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