Quikbook Reviews

Quikbook Reviews

Quikbook Reviews 02There have been a lot of online travel agencies in the market that promise the most affordable travel packages to unsuspecting travelers. However, most of these online travel agencies are unable to deliver on the service they promised to provide.

On the other hand, there are a few online travel agencies that truly are world class. One travel agency that claims to be on top of its game is Quikbook.com. Quikbook has been in the travel and tourism industry; providing travel and tours solutions to their customers for over 20 years.

In this OTA Reviews article, travelers would be reading about Quikbook.com and how the online travel agency operates. Add to that, travelers would also be reading Quikbook reviews and learn about the feedback coming from previous passengers.

Best Deals from the Boutique Hotel Experts

Like many online travel agencies in the ever growing travel and tours industry, Quikbook specializes in one portion of the market; that is the hotel and property sector. It was founded in 1988 and incorporated in Delaware.

Quikbook Reviews 03Based on their company profile, Quikbook “originated as an independent call-center hotel reservation service and is now a fully integrated online and call center distributor of hotels offered at deeply discounted rates.” Add to that, the website offers travel packages that “feature boutique hotels in the United States and resort destinations throughout North America.”

Ray Vastola is the president of Quikbook Inc.. He is also the co-founder, chief executive officer and president of the Travel Planners, Inc., which was established in 1980. Vastola earned his MBA at the Harvard Business School.

Meanwhile, the online travel agency received several positive feedback from previous customers. They commended Quikbook.com for the extremely reliable service that they provided. There were some previous customers who also said that they would strongly recommend the online travel agency to family and friends since, they’ve been using the service for quite sometime.

Quikbook Reviews 04On the other hand, the website is pretty simple. Quikbook has a small search panel on the left side of the homepage. Then, the main navigation bar on top has tabs that connect customers to links for “my reservation,” “hotel confidential,” “hotel videos,” and “contact us.”

Perhaps, the best part of the website would be their blog. It is in the blog where Quikbook features some of the best affiliate hotels they have on their catalog. Apart from that, the reviews are done by their travel specialists who have been with the industry for quite sometime.


Overall, the online travel agency is very useful to travelers looking for hotels and property that they could rent during their holidays or even short trips anywhere in the globe. Quikbook lets travelers hand on to hope that there are online travel agencies out there that are able to deliver the services they promised to their customers

Contact information

  • Website URL:            http://www.quikbook.com/
  • Contact number:        1-888-253-0550
  • Contact Email:            support@quikbook.com
  • Head Office Address:        381 Park Avenue South in New York City

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