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Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is an Online Travel Agency that offers over 7,500 responsible holidays from over 3,000 holiday providers around the world. Responsible Travel is one of the world’s largest green companies. Responsible Travel was the first of its kind to the world, which offers holidays designed to maximise the benefits and minimise the harm involved in tourism.

Responsible Travel

Origins and Ownership

Responsible Travel was founded by Justin Francis and Professor Harold Goodwin, in 2001. Professor Harold Goodwin happens to be the Director at the International Centre for International Tourism.

The aim of the company is to promote–Responsible Traveling. It was the first online guide to responsible international traveling. Responsible travel and tourism is about making better places for people to live in and to visit. One of the founding principles of Responsible Travel was to help create this new sector of the travel and tourism industry and to firmly root it in ethical values.

What people are saying

As far as the customer’s reviews of Responsible Travel is concerned, you can actually go to their site and choose from their categories then read some of their customer’s reviews posted in that category. However, with thorough searching–we’ve come across these reviews that came from Responsible Traveler’s customers who availed their Peru vacation package. Here are some of the reviews.

This was a great way to start our trip in Peru and get ready the Inca trek. Booked the full day SV tour with Responsible Travel Peru and had a great time. Our guide (Slyvia) was very knowledgeable, patient, spoke English very well, and was fun. Picked us up at our hotel on time and returned us to our hotel as well. Visited 5 different locations and had a wonderful buffet lunch that was included in the price of the tour. The tour was S/45 and we purchased the partial tourist pass for S/70. All in all, it was a great trip and loved Responsible Travel Peru.”

—Sunflower2213 (Tampa, Florida)

“We used Llamapath for a “private service” tour of the Sacred Valley, since they usually start “group service” in Cusco and we wanted to start in Pisac (but end in Cusco). The itinerary otherwise followed the website description and we enjoyed a full day of sightseeing with a guide who provided a knowledgeable and fascinating commentary on each landmark, plus a driver who dropped us off close to various sights and materialized just as we were ready to leave.”
—Frances P (Huntsville, Alabama)

“We were a group of 8 people with no time, From the beginning, meeting us at the airport- to the end of our excursion , Peru path was right on. Our every need was meet and our every expectiation attended to. We traveled in luxury we had a great lunch in the Sacred Valley thanks to Americo our cook an amaizing dinner in a restaurant tree house, slept in comfort and explored with out wasting time. The attention to detail was amazing and I would recommend them to any one. The guides Fredy and Paty are friendly and personable. You begin to feel like family. Truly a trip of a life time thanks to Peru path!”
—Mike T (Lima, Peru)

The Website

Responsible Travel Website

A very beautiful website, that uses the hue of Teal that emits a nice and environmental ambiance, just by looking at it. The fonts were engaging and the pictures taken at different spots, showing different tourist activities and places will really engage every user to scroll, click and learn more about the website. It’s a very interesting site—an eyecatcher for every traveler, who hungers for new and blood pumping adventure. You can check Responsible Travel’s website by clicking this link.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 01273 – 823 – 700
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 42 Bond Street Brighton, BN1 1RD, United Kingdom

Responsible Travel


Bottomline, Responsible Travel promotes healthy, exhausting yet enjoyable vacations that you will never forget. With their blood-pumping activities and enormous landscapes and environs that promotes the beauty of nature, travelers—people will surely preserve these majestic nature environment for the next generation. Truly, Responsible Travel promotes nothing but adventure and nature appreciation; a simple yet powerful move.   

Responsible Travel


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