Roadtrippers Reviews

Roadtrippers Reviews

Roadtrippers Reviews-James Fisher and Tatiana Parent

James Fisher and Tatiana Parent

Roadtrippers was recently established in 2011 by couples James Fisher and Tatiana Parent. It all began with the insatiable craving for extraordinary places. Mr. Fisher and Ms. Parent grew up with a passion in travelling. Mr. Fisher’s family owns a safari in Africa while Ms. Parent traveled US alone and extensively. Well, the idea sprouted from a lack of useful travel resources, navigating and synchronization of travel advices.

To show how dedicated they are with Roadtrippers, the couple moved from Great Britain to USA. Initially, Roadtrippers began with 8 employees, including a developer, a software engineer and a marketing/outreach specialist. The official website was launched in July 2012 while the mobile application as Gizmodo launched in November 2012.

Now, Roadtrippers has a total of 33 employees currently focusing its growth in US. However, in the near future they are planning to expand their business networks through Great Britain, Australia, and Liberia. Basically, Roadtrippers is one of the new American travel startup that helps travelers find everything from accommodations to entertainment in new cities and even within their own home towns or to plan for road trips.

Well, in my opinion, I love how Roadtrippers designed their page. It looks more like a social travel site for me instead of a web based software application. The notification on the top right was catchy. Once customers clicked it, it will tell them that their first trip awaits and will entice them to start building their first road trip. The site mainly focus on two services: Plan a Trip and Explore the Map.

Roadtrippers Reviews-Mobile AppOnce travelers click on the background it will unblur the map of the United States and will provide them shortcut icons on the top left for accommodation, attractions, culture, gastronomy, outdoors, recreation, vacation rentals, camping and/or point of interest.

The mobile application of Roadtrippers is not like any other travel app. Since the application’s functionality are outstanding for its features like assisting travelers in planning trips, calculating time, gas expense, freely search and compare from over 50,000 locations within United States. Roadtrippers mobile app relies fully on Google Maps API and offers a “bucket list”, blog and option to save consumers planned trips. However, the travel app requires traveler to create a Roadtrippers’ account to avail the services. Mobile application is available for iOS and Android users.

There’s not much customer reviews posted yet about Roadtrippers. So, several trusted sites started questioning the credibility of the company. One reviewer even tried to compare Roadtrippers with Google Map when he said:

“The mileage difference is trivial enough so that it’s either just an error in the maps (I would trust Google’s) or the placement of the center of one or both of the cities is different between the two.

Regarding the drive time though: Google Maps has invested quite a bit of effort in getting the speed limits correct. On most of the route, it’s 70 (I drove this route two weeks ago). It’s likely that Roadtrippers, in lieu of correct speed limits, plots a more constant speed that’s much lower than 70. I think that Roadtrippers, as a free service, is more geared toward finding you points of interest along the way rather than just a straight directions service.

If you just want a “how long from here to there” answer, then I would suggest you use Google Maps, Mapquest, Bing Maps or some other such service.

Good luck in your planning.”
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Contact information

  • Website URL:            
  • Contact number:                513-357-9626
  • Contact Email:          
  • Head Office Address:        131 E McMicken Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

Advice to Revise
Judging with all the gathered facts and some Roadtrippers reviews. They are good at keeping a good business. That even with the scrutiny they are receiving, they never back down and prove their credible side by providing genuine services since they started.​ Have you used Roadtrippers before? Feel free to share your experience below.


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  1. blake awe

    Google maps is way better and the people who created it are literally the best developers today. Why choose an inferior service?


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