Safi Airways Reviews

Safi Airways Reviews

Safi Airways Reviews - Safi Airways LogoAfghanistan has been intensely hit by terrorist assaults, and serves as the stronghold of different terrorist bunches. That is the reason the European Union banned each Afghan carrier  to enter the EU regions. Be that as it may, with the assistance of multi-country military and non military personnel endeavors, Afghanistan is gradually recouping from the enduring effect of terrorism in the nation.

By looking at these Safi Airways reviews, we are going to give explorers an iaround one of the primary Afghan-based carriers to conform to the European Aviation Safety Agency standard, and be permitted to enter European domains.

What people are saying

In light of client opinions regarding Safi Airways, the carrier got blended audits from their past clients. Be that as it may, thinking back to all the surveys about their services, a lot of their clients are generally fulfilled by the carrier. Moderately, the carrier utilizes an aging fleet. Still, despite everything the staff knows out how to keep up the airplane’s cabins.

Unfortunately. legroom is somewhat confined. Besides, on-board services is quite exceptional, particularly the administration gave by their flight staff why should willing go the additional mile.

The website

Safi Airways Reviews - Safi Airways WebsiteIn the interim, their official site has a charming web layout. Truly, it’s attractive, as well as useful. The site is pressed with a variety of essential travel information which can help explorers with their flight venture with the carrier. Moreover, these information are properly sorted out and are only a tick away. Notwithstanding that, it offers a straightforward however exceptionally responsive search form wherein you can look-up and book flights in view of your favored criteria.

Aside from the site’s functionalities, there are different online features which can be utilized via their site that will greatly diminish the time you have to spend at the airport terminal. This includes, observing flight status, online web-registration and others.

After opening their site, you will see a link which will permit you to benefit of their special flight promos by booking the specific deal or bundle. Take in more about this on their site by clicking here.

Moreover, Safi Airways offers the Saffron Rewards frequent flyer program as they are a long standing customer. This involves no pre-enrollment required. Miles can be earned by utilizing the aircraft’s flight services. In addition, utilizing Saffron Rewards you can profit accumulations of travel advantages with the aircraft.

The carrier’s administration hotline in Dubai is =accessible 24 hours a day and can be accessed by dialing 971 (0)4 295 1040. Notwithstanding that you can likewise send them a message through


Safi Airways Reviews - Safi Airways StaffSafi Airways is a private carrier company situated in Afghanistan which operates from a satellite office in Dubai. The carrier offers flights in more than 9 destinations, which incorporate residential and global courses. They work a generally little armada comprise just of 5 air ship in dynamic administration made for the most part out of Airbus A319-100s, Airbus A319-100s, and Boeing 767-200ER.

In the interim, the carrier offers purely economy class flights. In addition to that, services on load-up may differ from traveler’s flight courses. Residential travelers are presented with complimentary drinks, and snacks and suppers can be acquired on-board. Travelers from abroad are presented with suppers and complimentary drinks.

Contact information


Based on the Safi Airways reviews that I have found, I can say that the airline is greatly recommended and loved by its previous passengers. With the great service and warm accommodation they provide to their passengers, it’s no wonder why people have generally great things to say about the carrier.

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  1. adam lamberta

    Poor service from the ground staff, but the flight attendants were rather pleasant and served refreshments often.


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