Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews 2016

Sheremetyevo International Airport

Located in Khimki, Moscow Oblast, Russia, and originally built as a military object called: Sheremetyevsky. Sheremetyevo International Airport, serves as a hub for passenger operations of the Russian International Airlines: Aeroflot, and is one of the three major airports that serves Moscow; along with: Domodedovo International Airport and Vnukovo International Airport. The airport handled over 31 million passengers and 260 thousand aircraft movements in 2015, making Sheremetyevo International Airport, the busiest airport of the Russian Federation.   

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Reviews – What People Are Saying

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews coming from the airport’s customers, and I’ve noticed that the airport is always ranked as an average airport that provides good services and facilities. Sheremetyevo might not be the best airport in Moscow–as far as these reviews are concerned, but it can still give its customers the satisfaction they need. Here are some of the reviews:

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Great Airport. But the terminal C of the landing which is very small. It is not intended for long-term stay in it. Relax before a long journey will not turn out. border control staff is not friendly, do not greet. Behave politely. This terminal is usually landing on flights to the United States and Mexico. In this direction, fly aircraft such as the Boeing 777, the same as big the destroyed Russian military passenger plane Malaysia in Ukraine in the summer of 2014.”
—Poseidonas Green Eline (Via Google Reviews)

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“Airport itself is good – lots of WC, various cafes and shops. But as for everything else related to flights – long as hell queues – on passport control, on luggage check, etc. Not always though, sometimes you might get lucky. But most of the time on my trips here its been long as hell both ways, in & out. Probably my most hated airport due queues.”
—Mafa Rioch (Via Google Reviews)

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“I haven’t been to sheremetyevo in a long time, I was adopted from Russia, and that was the main airport of the Moscow area, along with Domodedovo intl…  I was just at the airport last summer though, while I was on a trip to see my birth family. Everything was perfect, and i made my flight and everything.”
—Matthew Kadrie ( Via Google Reviews)


The airport has four operating passenger terminals and one special terminal reserved for the use of private business aviation. The airport’s terminals are divided into two groups based on geographical location: the north and south terminals. These two terminals are linked by a regular internal and external bus services.

Sheremetyevo International Airport

The north terminal is divided into three portions, respectively called: Terminals A, B and C. Terminal A, which was opened in 2012 to the east of terminal B; is used for the servicing of business and private aviation. The 22 remote stands, which previously made up the whole Western Sector of Terminal B, now belongs to the terminal. Terminal B on the other hand, catered mainly to internal low-cost flights, terminal B is divided into two buildings: the arrival hall zone and the departures area. Terminal C on the other hand, tends to handle flights of CIS carriers and charter airlines. Terminal C is connected by a way of an elevated pedestrian gallery with a parking facility that can handle a thousand vehicle.

The south terminal, just like the north terminal; is also divided into three portions: Terminals, D, E, and F. Terminal D, which was opened in 2009 is a hub for Aeroflot and its SkyTeam Partners, that can handle a capacity of 12 million passengers annually. Terminal D is Also adjacent to Terminal F. Terminal E, which was opened in 2010 as a capacity expansion project; connects the Terminals D and F. The terminals of this complex is connected by a number of pedestrian walkways with travelators, thus allowing passengers to move freely between its constituent facilities. Terminal F, which was opened in 1980 for the Moscow Summer Olympics, has 15 jetways and 21 remote aircraft stands; and is designed to service 6 million passengers per year.

Terminal Map

Sheremetyevo International Airport Map

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: IATA: SVO – ICAO: UUEE
  • Phone number: +7 495 737 60 60  
  • Website URL:
  • Email:
  • Flight Information: +7 495 232 65 65
  • Fax: +7 495 737 60 58  
  • Address: Sheremetyevo Airport, Khimki, Moscow Region, 124340, Russia

Sheremetyevo International Airport Logo


Sheremetyevo International Airport, might not be the best airport there is in Moscow; but that doesn’t mean that it can’t offer their customers the best services that they can provide. The airport offers clean and spotless facilities, fast airport check-ins, a wide variety of souvenir shops and restaurants, and a number of land transportation services. Though most of their passengers can’t consider the airport as a good one, Sheremetyevo International Airport still provides good services, that can be considered fair by everyone.


2 thoughts on “Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews 2016

  1. torio

    A very convenient airport, the place was clean and has a lot of shops, restaurants and even comfort rooms. I was there a year ago and it was okay, except–perhaps some of their staff which were obviously having a bad day. Overall, it was a good airport.

  2. ralp

    Arrived and departed from the airport last month, it was my first time being there but it never failed to amazed me. Can’t wait to arrive there again!


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