Shermanstravel Reviews

Shermanstravel Reviews

Shermanstravel Reviews Logo When people plan their travel itinerary, it pays to have some good advice at hand. Tips on how to create a perfect travel package plus a few travel hacks on the side would definitely relieve any person of the stress that come along with planning a travel itinerary.

When it comes to websites that offer travel tips as well as the greatest and most affordables deals in the market, there are certainly a lot to choose from. However, very few of these websites truly stand out. One of the more popular travel advice sites is

In this new OTA Reviews article, readers would be reading on how the online travel advice company operates and what other services they provide their customers. Also, readers would be learning about what previous customers had to say about the company based on some Shermanstravel reviews posted on the Internet.

Expert advice for frequent flyers

Shermanstravel Reviews CEO James Sherman CEO James Sherman

ShermansTravel Media was founded in 2002 by James Sherman. Its mission is to be the “leading publisher of top travel deals and vacation destination advice.” Apparently, the online travel advice company was successful in completing that mission as they were able to build a strong following of travelers who share their commitment at finding the best in flights, hotels, vacation packages and cruises. boasts of having a stable partnership with giant online media companies like, Yahoo!,; not to mention the editorial licensing agreement they have with and The website has over 1,000 flight, hotel and vacation deals listed in their uniquely cataloged “hand-picked travel deals.”

Other than that, they do have a set of travel professionals who create content for their website to help travelers in making the perfect travel itinerary. These writers, editors, and publishers have done a lot of traveling themselves and therefore has enough to share to travelers about what’s hot and what’s not in the travel industry.

Shermanstravel Reviews web1Meanwhile, there are some travelers who complained about the company for their alleged anomalous practices, based on some Shermanstravel reviews posted on the Internet. There were some people who complained of being charged by the company when they haven’t even subscribed to the company’s services.

Meanwhile, there were others who said the company offers services that would undoubtedly save travelers time and money. The company also has a convenient feature of connecting the travelers to the website where the most inexpensive and best deals for a destination could be booked.

Speaking of websites, travelers who would visit would immediately be greeted by a huge panel showcasing the latest travel deals posted on the website. Then, there’s a menu for most popular deals, top 25 deals, flight deals, hotel deals, vacation deals, and cruise deals.

Shermanstravel Reviews web2Just below that menu, travelers would be able to read blog entries on select travel destinations written by the company’s pool of travel experts. Also, the website features their partner online travel websites as well as other tourism and hospitality based companies.

Contact information

Apart from that, this OTA Reviews article was able to collect additional contact information on the company.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: please check the contact us link for the email support service
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 112 West 34th Street Suite 2110 New York, NY 10120 United States

Dr. Sherman is in

Having a good travel guide is certainly a wonderful companion when planning the next travel itinerary. It really pays to be informed about the latest travel deals and offers out on the market. However, there are some people who complained that the company maybe doing some unscrupulous business practices. Perhaps, the best way to deal with this is by being transparent with the things being held against the company.

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