SmarterTravel Reviews

SmarterTravel Reviews

Everybody wants everything to be smart. Smart is classy. Smart is efficient. Smart is sharp. The same goes with traveling. Nobody wants sloppy service. Travelers want smart booking.

With this, an online travel agency had a wonderful idea of naming their company SmarterTravel. It would not just be smart, it’s going to be smarter!

Based on the website, SmarterTravel boasts at being “the largest online travel resource for unbiased travel news, deals, and timely expert advice.” SmarterTravel is part of the Smarter Travel Media LLC. It is a Goliath in the travel and tourism industry which also manages Airfarewatchdog, BookingBuddy, and MyBusinessTravel.

In this SmarterTravel reviews, customer experiences would be shared as well as any issues currently faced by the “online travel resource.”

Smart web resource

Based on what this SmarterTravel reviews had gathered, it seemed that passengers were able to benefit on the information provided by the company. With weekly updates in the airlines industry as well as air travel news reports, passengers are given more options when booking or planning their travel itinerary.

SmarterTravel review website

On the other hand, their sister company, BookingBuddy, is getting mixed reviews with previous customers calling them “untrustworthy.” The negative feedback received by SmarterTravel’s affiliates would definitely stick out like a sore thumb and inevitably affect the entire organization in the long run.

Apart from that, besides being an online resource, there had been very few accounts of booked flights and travel packages with SmarterTravel, even though they have a set of travel packages and deals posted on their website. It’s a curious case of passengers taking SmarterTravel’s advice on how to have the best travel itinerary prepared, but passengers wouldn’t actually want to book with SmarterTravel.

An old, blocky website

Perhaps the main reason why passengers do not book with SmarterTravel is because their website is crammed to capacity with articles on travel advisories and consumer tips. The website is just filled with helpful information that’s so much fun to read, travelers forget to book their flights with the company.

SmarterTravel review website 2

Meanwhile, customers can contact SmarterTravel through email support that is located at the bottom of the website. The company also offers several emails, including the email of the editor that customer can contact whenever they have inquiries about any information provided on the website’s news updates and feature stories.

SmarterTravel review website 2

Contact information

For additional information on the company, this SmarterTravel review was able to collect a few helpful details for interested passengers:

To each his own

This SmarterTravel reviews found the company and its website effective in delivering helpful information with regard to creating a smart travel itinerary. However, it seemed that it lacks the necessary marketing so that their travel packages get noticed.

On the other, the company may have other priorities rather than competing with online travel agencies in passenger volume. From how the company’s website was laid out, it seemed that SmarterTravel is concentrated at an advocacy of consumer education and information dissemination rather than making big money by booking flights with their travel packages. Indeed, there are those who simply want a smarter way of traveling.

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  1. Alfred Jonas

    Seems like they already updated their website, but their customer service quality remains the same.


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