SmartFares Reviews

SmartFares Reviews

SmartFares reviews logoWhen travelers go to another state or overseas, wise ones do their best to find the most affordable flight ticket that they can get. Gone are the days when travelers are required to spend a fortune and a half just to fly with an airline. With people getting smarter about air travel, companies have managed to keep up. Online travel agencies like SmartFares promised to offer the best flight deals to travelers. How well are their services faring, in terms of customer satisfaction? Let’s find out in these latest SmartFares reviews, all written by their previous clients.


SmartFares began offering its services in 2006, with the goal of offering travelers the best travel fare deals that would fit in their budget. They allow travelers to book flights, hotels, car rental services, and leisure cruises online. The company says that they have access to unpublished ticket promos that are cheaper than those found in any other websites. Moreover, SmartFares employs 600 travel agents that can help you with your travel booking.

Michael Thomas serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

What people are saying

While SmartFares does offer some of cheap airline tickets and other travel services, some people appear to have trouble in terms of the customer services that they received from the company’s travel agents.

In fact, if you search SmartFares reviews on Google, you will find some pages that were written by customers who regretted their decision. A customer who got charged with a hidden $50 tried to contact the support team, to no avail. Here is what the customer said: “Now I’m furious. An email sent to the customer service desk at SmartFares has not yet been replied to.

The website

SmartFares reviews website

Their website, while functional, appears to have been forgotten by the developers. Set on dark blue background, the homepage features a large cover image that features whatever latest flight deal they are currently offering. Directly in front of that image is the flight booking form, which you may fill up in order to search for a flight to your specific destination.

Aside from flights, you may also purchase leisure cruise tickets, car rentals, and hotel reservations. Simply click on the respective tab found on the upper left portion of the page, above the flight booking form.

To check out their site, click here.

Customer service

If you wish to get in touch with their customer support services, dial 877-245-3755. For international callers, they may dial +1-858-384-4798. Aside from that, clients may also talk to a live agent via their website’s live chat function. Simply visit their site and click on the orange “Live chat to SAVE BIG” icon on the lower right corner.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 877-245-3755 / +1-858-384-4798
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: (858) 429-7676
  • Head Office Address: 4545 Murphy Canyon Rd #210, San Diego, CA 92123


Seems like SmartFares isn’t so smart after all. If we look at the SmartFares reviews online, we can see all the flaws that the company has, especially in the way their agents handle customer complaints. If you were the customer and wanted to ask about your booking, wouldn’t you like it if they answered immediately, instead of making you wait for days? It’s not only a hassle, it will also cost you some money. If you want to keep your trips enjoyable and affordable, find a reputable travel agency.


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