Southwest Vacations Reviews

Southwest Vacations Reviews

Southwest Vacations Reviews - Southwest Vacations LogoSouthwest Airlines, a carrier from the United States, is recognized for being the largest budget airline in the entire world. Apparently, they also wanted to manage their own online travel agency, so they launched Southwest Vacations. Southwest Vacations is a website that sells flight tickets and other vacation deals. Let’s check out some Southwest Vacations reviews and find out what people think about them, shall we?

What people are saying

In the event that there’s single word to depict the voyagers’ situation subsequent to booking with Southwest Vacations, the most fitting word would be “outraged.”

In view of the data that I could gather by searching for Southwest Vacation reviews, a large portion of the travelers were totally disappointed with Southwest Airlines’ recreation excursion bundle item.

A client from Virginia booked an excursion bundle with Southwest Vacation for $1500 for 3 days. The client was to a great degree appalled with the inn facilities that they attempted to contact the carriers for help. Southwest carriers said that they don’t handle their relaxation get-away bundle. Then, when the client could associate with client bolster, the agent on alternate lines wasn’t much help also.

A client from Massachusetts said that they should get credit in light of the fact that the cost of their booked bundle had dropped. Be that as it may, client support turned down their solicitation since they didn’t purchase the “waiver protection.” The client couldn’t get a good answer what the waiver protection was for and why was it expected to get kudos for their booked flight.

The website

Southwest Vacations Reviews - Southwest Vacations Website

Now, let’s check out their website. The site’s design is pretty simple: set on an off-white background, their homepage features a booking form which can be used to search for flights, hotels, car rental services, and travel related activities. The layout is pretty basic and navigating your way through the pages is easy given the minimal effects.

On top of the page the services they offer. These are deals, top destination lists, and vacation themes.

Customer services

To get in touch with their customer support department, callers from within the US may call 1-800-243-8372, while callers from abroad may call 1-414-934-3017. If you’re already on the vacation and are in need of assistance, call 1-800-775-7105. Their emails are You may also send your postal mail to their office at Southwest Vacations Attn: Customer Service 8969 N. Port Washington Road Milwaukee, WI 53217.

Contact information


Unfortunately for those who have already booked with this travel website, the Southwest Vacations reviews are showing the negative side of this business. With so many unsatisfied customers, can we expect them to improve their services soon or will they continue to play deaf to their customer’s pleas? Only time will tell.

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  1. Ariel Polenski

    One of the worst feelings in my stomach was when a gate agent told me, “I am sorry sir, but you don’t have the Southwest Vacations paper ticket. You’ll have to purchase a full fare to make your flight.”


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