Sudan Airways Reviews 2017

Sudan Airways Reviews 2017

Sudan Airways marked their history in the airline industry of Sudan and Africa with several pioneering efforts and distinct milestones. From the time they started to when they became the first in the continent to acquire 36-passenger seat F27 Turboprop-powered aircraft, Sudan Airways expanded and modernised their fleet and developed their operations.

Our Sudan Airways reviews look at information about the national airline of Sudan, what its inflight experience is like, and what passengers have to say about them.

Background and History

Sudan Airways, the national airline of Sudan, was formed in February 1946 after an Air Advisory Board gathered in 1945 to assess whether air services would be possible in Sudan. The airline started operating in July 1947 as one of the oldest African carriers. Though, by March 2010 Sudan Airways was banned in the European Union, then by October 2012 became wholly owned by the Government of Sudan.

As one of the ten founding member companies of the African Airlines Association, Sudan Airways is also a member of the International Air Transport Association and of the Arab Air Carriers Organization. Abd Elmahmoud Suleiman Mohammed has been Sudan Airways’ CEO since November 2013. As of August 2016, Sudan Airways has a fleet comprised of 1 Airbus A320-200 and 3 Fokker 50. They introduced the seven 28 seater DC3 in 1952, beginning with usage of De Havilland 8 Seater Dove Aircrafts.

What Users Have to Say

F Durrant wrote on June 9, 2008: “Business class on their A300 from Doha and really glad to get off this flight. Aircraft very scruffy inside and needed some real attention and cleaning. Seats were broken in many areas and toilets were unusabe – FAs did not seem bothered by any of this. Service was all over in a short time and FAs then disappeared to galley. Not an airline I would wish on my worst enemy and despite all they say in their magazine about change this airline seems to be a lot worse than when I last flew them (that was in 1991 though!). Avoid at all costs.” On Airlinequality, this sole Sudan Airways reviews rated the airline 1 out of 10.

There were other more recent Sudan Airways reviews on TripAdvisor. Here, reviewers shared that the airplanes’ condition were poor and that departure times were usually delayed. However, here is what one of the Sudan Airways reviews said about his flight: “I took this flight – usually old airbuses – on numerous occasions and never really had any problems or bad experiences of any sort bar losing one bag to what seemed like acid rain. Crew were always helpful but the baggage service was something else!”

Their Website

The site’s all in one page, and is easy to to understand with a lot of interesting photographs related to Sudan or to Sudan Airways. The Sudanese airline uses Comet, Boeing, and Airbus planes for international flights and Fokker aircraft for domestic ones.

Site visitors can arrange their special flight services (SFS) online, whether for short, long, scheduled, or charter services. Planning your flight can be accomplished from their search engine at the middle of the homepage.

On this link, you can check out their News section from their official website.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +249 183 243 770
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax: +249 183 243 723
  • Head Office Address: 161 Obied Khatim Street, Block No.10 Ryadh, Khartoum, Sudan P.O.Box: 253, South Sudan

Room for Improvement

The mix of Sudan Airways reviews gave us conflicting views on this airline, though I think that for Sudan’s national airline, they have acceptable services. Their passengers seldom experience major problems, and the minor ones can easily be fixed.

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  1. Gertrude Williamson

    I’m always afraid of being disappointed with national airlines, though this one I think was passable. Will come back soon.

  2. Brent Adams

    A fair enough airline if you want to save. As for service quality they’re very far from being the best they should really work on overhauling everything.

  3. Jack Suliman



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