Syrian Air Review

Syrian Air Review

Syrian_Air_Boeing_747SP-94_YK-AHA_(11638645063)The airline was established in 1946 with only two propeller aircraft which aim to provide flight service to the Syrian people. However, due to financial difficulties the airline was forced to cease their operation, until the Syrian government provided financial support. Since then, the airline has undergone a series of development and became the flying symbol of the country.

In this Syrian Air review, we give travelers an overview about this national carrier. Moreover, we are going to read some customers’ feedback on the airline that would summarize the kind of service they provide to their passengers.

Currently, there are no latest reviews available about Syrian Air, probably because of its dwindling area of routes since the imposition of sanctions against Syria by the European Union. The airline was heavily affected by the economic sanctions, the EU banned the airline to enter any EU territories which led to the suspension of its operation in Europe.

However, based on limited customer review, it seems that Syrian Air is well praised by their passengers and even shared fondness on their flight experience with the airline. As a matter of fact, the airline is greatly admired for their superb service on-board; flight staff are extremely professional and friendly, apart from that, they always make sure that they offer delectable food to their passengers.

Syrian Air Website

Meanwhile, Syrian Air website is a bit complicated compared to other conventional airline websites. Moreover, it offers different information about the airline and cargo services, including flight search available in English and Arabic.The airline website is not only useful for flight services but also to hotel accommodations and car services. Learn more about their website here.

Unfortunately, Syrian Air does not have a mobile app. Furthermore, if you have any concerns regarding your flight booking with the airline, their customer service hotline is conveniently available depending on their local branches. Moreover, their service hotline in Abu Dhabi is available via 0097126214004 or visit their website to know more their local customer service hotlines here.

About Syrian Air

yk-ata-syrian-arab-airlines-ilyushin-il-76t_PlanespottersNet_322765Syrian Arab Airlines also known as Syrian Air is the flag carrier airline of Syrian Arab Republic, it operates scheduled flights in different international destinations in Asia, Europe and North Africa. Flights of the airline seriously dwindled since the Arab Spring and following the Syrian civil war, which heavily devastated the country’s tourism industry. Prior to the Syrian civil war, Syrian Air served over 50 destinations worldwide, but today, they only served 14 scheduled flights from their main hub at Damascus International Airport.

The airline has a fleet size of 10 aircraft in active service consisting of Airbus, ATR and Ilyushin carrier. Syrian Air has been subject of economic sanctions, this is the reason why they are not allowed to buy any Western and European made aircraft, even spare parts and currently relying on Russian made aircraft.

Flight services of the airline are available in two flight classes; Business class and Economy flight class. Moreover, services on-board may vary with passenger flight class and routes. Business class passengers are served with multi course meals with complimentary beverages, on the other hand, snacks are served for short haul flights. Meanwhile, Economy passengers are served with complimentary meals and beverages. Unfortunately, all their aircraft are not equipped with any in-flight entertainment.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  +963 11 245 0088
  • Contact Email:  rb.
  • Fax Number: +963 11 221 3060
  • Head Office Address: PO Box 417, Youssef Al Azmeh Square, Damascus, Syria


Based on this Syrian Air Review, currently the airline undergoing a series of obstacles because of the economic sanctions imposed to them which greatly affect their services. And, honestly, it’s very difficult to determine how good or bad their service since there is a scarcity of up-to-date information about the airline.

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  1. Caleb Post author

    Poor airline, I tried them once when i traveled to Europe , they really have a good service. They say Syrian are rude, but based on my experience they are the most friendly flight crew I’ve experience.


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