Tigerair Reviews

Tigerair Reviews

Tigerair Reviews - Tigerair LogoTigerair is a generally new carrier in the airline business. It was established as an dissociated carrier in the year 2003 owned by the Tiger Airways Holdings. Later, it turned into an auxiliary of SIA Group that took over the 56% of the carrier’s stakes.

Nowadays, Tigerair operates as a major budget carrier that offers affordable airline tickets to flyers with a tight budget. In these Tigerair reviews, we are going see how genuine Tigerair was on their guarantee in giving moderate travel bundles to most, if not all, of the airline’s patrons.

What people are saying

Tigerair appears to be well-known among voyagers due to its reduced-cost tickets. In spite of this fact, this prominence is likewise defaced by various on-board service flaws. However for their unwavering clients, Tigerair serves as a decent choice particularly for those who wish to save money on their flights.

In spite of being recognized for their moderateness, dominant part of their clients feel disillusioned with some ugly services of the carrier. Their poor client support is among the issues that is always raised by their past clients on various online review sites. Deferred and unexpectedly crossed out flights are likewise a portion of the inconveniences that clients had to go through.

The website

Tigerair Reviews - Tigerair Website
The site is a practically easy to understand portal, all fundamental data are all properly sorted out on the landing page. Aside from that, it offers an advanced flight search form which clients can easily utilize to book and deal with their current booking settings, taking into account their specific criteria. Actually, their easy to use site has every one of the things travelers need to know, which are furnished with various elements that will enormously reduce the clients load. Take in more about their site by clicking here

Notwithstanding their site, Tigerair’s legitimate versatile application offers a less demanding approach to book with the carrier. Beside that, the recently redesigned application of Tigerair included new administrations such as games hardware, stuff updates, seat determination, and a great deal more.

The airline’s client administration hotline in Singapore is open from 7AM to 10PM, UTC+08:00, and is accessible by dialing +65 3157 6434. Their client focus in English operation and Mandarin.


Tigerair Reviews - Tigerair CrewBecause Tigerair works as completely low-budget carrier, the entirety of its fleet is designed to have all-economy cabins, without luxurious amenities such as in-flight entertainment. Besides that, they offer a purchase on-load up system, wherein travelers can purchase their snacks and refreshments on-board. In the interim, the carrier setup is bit cramped, seat pitch is just restricted to 28-29 inches with a 4.5-inch lean back and if travelers need additional legroom, it can be pre-obtained on their webpage.


Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd or usually known as Tigerair is a Singapore-based carrier that offers budget flight services across South East Asia, China, and India. As of now, Singapore Changi Airport serves as the primary center point for the carrier. Moreover, Tigerair utilizes Airbus airplanes with an armada size of 25 flying machines that flies travelers to 38 destinations.

Contact information

  • Website: www.tigerair.com
  • Contact number: +65 3157 6434
  • Head Office Address: East Region, Singapore


In view of the Tigerair reviews above, the carrier has the characteristics of a decent airline and perhaps one of these qualities is the prudent estimation of their charges, which is one of the key elements of a commendable carrier. Sadly, this is insufficient to fulfill their clients’ wants and to win their devotion. Once Tigerair could just address the staggering protestations about their administrations, I’m certain they will be an impressive aircraft in the locale.


2 thoughts on “Tigerair Reviews

  1. bud lennon

    I tried booking with the website but it won’t let me check out. I had to call them to confirm.

  2. Ron Allen

    Cancelled flight and did not tell passengers until check in and left them stranded without a second thought. Their ground staff lied to us telling us we would get refund within four to six days, when not received contacted Tigerair and was told it would be four to six weeks, they took our money in seconds but can’t refund for weeks????? The most worrying part was the plane was cancelled due to a hydraulic leak, clearly the planes are not maintained failing in service and as such unsafe. This airline is incompetent don’t put your life in their hands.


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