TrailFinders Reviews

TrailFinders Reviews

TrailFinders Reviews logoThere are instances when a traveler just gets tangled with all the information that’s offered to them. There’s just too many travel packages that are offered online, it seems to be a great challenge to book or complete a simple travel itinerary.

In times like these, certain online travel agencies have made it their business to create “tailor-made” travel packages that would make completing their travel itineraries easily and with little effort. This online travel agency is no other than TrailFinders and they promise to find a way for passengers to achieve that awesome travel experience.

In this OTA Reviews article, customers would be able to read more about the online travel agency. Apart from that, customers would be reading some customer feedback about how the company operates based on the TrailFinders reviews posted on the Internet.

When the trail started . . .

TrailFinders Reviews founder Mike Gooley founder Mike Gooley

In 1970, former SAS officer Mike Gooley founded TrailFinders along with four staff members. After several decades in the travel industry, the travel company has evolved to become one of the biggest online travel agencies in the market, employing over a thousand travel professionals and serving over a million customers across the globe.

They claim that the secret to their success lies on their ability to genuinely converse with their clients in order to provide them with the best fit packages for their travel needs. Other than that, they boast of having travel professionals that have traveled around the world themselves.

Apart from booking flights at affordable rates, customers can also make hotel reservations, book tours and cruises, as well as rent car and motorhomes not only in the US, but around the world as well. They offer products and services that stretch out any traveler’s imagination.

However, not everyone was pleased with the products and services offered by Based on some TrailFinders reviews on the Internet, customers complain the lack of some features that could be used in times when a customer needs to make changes on their booked flights.

Add to that, some customers said that the travel professionals from TrailFinders seemed to be clueless of what they were doing especially when booking tours for customers. Previous could easily pinpoint the flaws of the online travel agency because these mistakes seemed rather a bit too deliberate.

TrailFinders Reviews shopApart from that, some customers just felt the cold treatment of some of TrailFinders’ staff and crew especially after they’ve completed booking the flights. The company seemed to be disinterested about the concerns of customers after a purchase one of the company’s products.

Other than that, there were some customers who complained that they ended up paying a higher rate compared to what was posted on the website after the add-ons were included on the final price of the ticket. What’s worse is there were instances that TrailFinders would suddenly cancel their flights without giving any initial notice.

Meanwhile, customers who log on to the website would be able to immediately get hold of the customer support numbers posted on the top right section of the website. Other than that, customers would easily be able to navigate the website thanks to the quick links that are all over the homepage.

These quick links lead to pages that allow customers to check and book flights, reserve hotels, rent cars, book train tickets and other services that would complete any traveler’s itinerary.

Contact information

Add to that, OTA Reviews was able to collect additional contact information about the company:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 020 7368 1200
  • Head Office Address: TrailFinders Limited – 48 Earls Court Road, London, W8 6FT

Unclear trail

Based on several TrailFinders reviews, the online travel agency needs to improve their customer support in order that customers would come back and use their services. If they do not show a little empathy on their customers concerns, then this could cause them the growth of their company.

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  1. Francis Norreen

    Very disappointing! When I was doing my booking on the phone, the person on the other line was so kind and sweet but once you call them back for alterations they will totally dismiss your calls!! I can’t believe this kind of service is allowed in such industry.


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