Travelation Reviews

Travelation Reviews

Travelation Reviews - Travelation LogoTravelation is an online travel agency created to provide published and unpublished travel services such as flight tickets, hotel room reservations, car rental services, and leisure cruise services. According to their website, the company is associated with top airlines and other travel ticket aggregators allowing them to provide discounted services to their clients.

In today’s article we will be looking at the latest Travelation reviews to see how this online travel agency fares in terms of customer satisfaction.


Travelation Reviews - Michael H. ThomasThe current chief executive officer of Travelation is Michael Thomas. Born on the 17th of August 1984, Mr. Thomas is likewise known for being the CEO of Smart Fares, another online travel business that specializes in offering flight tickets.

What people are saying

Unfortunately, the Travelation reviews online are mainly coming from clients who felt disappointed by the services they received from the travel agency. Words like “scam”, “poor customer service”, “ripoff”, and “hoax” have been used several times to describe this company.

Apparently, some of the Travelation staff have been reported to increase the price of the flight tickets. There have also been reports of overcharging which the clients were initially unaware of. One client posted a review talking about her experience with the company’s unscrupulous business practices. This is what she said:

Their trick is the following: you book the flights on their online toll and confirm that the information is correct and then you purchase the tickets. They send you a confirmation email with the reservation number with the wrong dates. So you have to call to make the change and they charge you a super-high fee for making the change.

As seen above, it appears that this company deliberately tries to screw over their customers to force them into paying more than they are supposed to pay.

The website

Travelation Reviews - Travelation Website

Now, let’s take a look at their website. On the homepage,  you will immediately be greeted by the large booking form which can be used to search for flights, hotels, cars, and cruise promos. The font used are clear and large enough, the most prominent color is green, and the background is a plain beige/light orange color.

To use the booking form, simply fill up all the necessary fields and click the orange search button found on the lower right portion. To switch services, simply click on their corresponding tabs found docked at the left part of the form. What irks me is that when you click a different tab (hotels, for example), you will be redirected to an entirely different page. This style is a bit outdated, if you ask me.

Customer service

To get in touch with Travelation’s customer service department via telephone, you may call 877-245-8620 (toll-free) or 858-256-7210 (international calls). You may also send them a message by emailing them at If you would rather chat with their travel agents, you may do so by clicking the live chat tab found at the lower right portion of the website. Their customer service hotline is open 24/7. Visit this page to know more about Travelation’s contact details.

Contact information


As per the Travelation reviews I found online, the company seems to engage in dishonest business practices that aims to make customers pay more. The reason behind this is still unidentified, perhaps the agents get commissions if they manage to convince a customer or maybe they get other kinds of incentives? Still, if a business keeps doing these to their clients, they should expect a significant drop in customer satisfaction.

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One thought on “Travelation Reviews

  1. buster

    Travelation is a SCAM. We used it to book a flight to Frankfurt and paid and everything. They sent us an email saying our seat has been reserved and all is good but the day of the trip (today) they emailed us saying that our ticket has never been issued and our reservation has been cancled. Pretty shady, i know. We called and talk to this overly sarcastic lady (forgot her name) and just had a terrible experience. And obviously was never able to fly becuase our tickets were never issued. Whats interesting though is that our accound was charged by United airlines and not by Travelation. Nonetheless we are getting our money back (hopefully) but dont expect Travelation to help out any. Its a pretty typical bait and switch occurence, i just wish i figured it out sooner.


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