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Cheap deals, hassle-free bookings and fast transactions. These are the things most online travel agencies offer. A very convenient way of discovering different offers and features, discounts and other travel tips. We are going to tackle the Spanish online travel agency: Travelgenio, and review its deals and offers that might help you with your travel plans.  

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Origins and Ownership

A Spanish Online Travel Agency, Travelgenio is created in 2010 by the Argentinian Mariano Pelizzari. Travelgenio also publishes a survey of trends and customer satisfaction, in the air travel industry. This comply is fully owned and developed by Travelgenio S.L., Inc.

Mariano Pelizzari Travelgenio CEO

Travelgenio was founded with the idea of making the most of 15 years of experience in the world of tourism combined with the modern technology. With the passion, enthusiasm, and love for travelling, tourism and state-of-the-art technology, Travelgenio was made possible.

Travelgenio was recently founded and is being led by CEO, Mariano Pelizzari, in 2010. He is an Argentinian businessman with a wide background in the online and offline industry.

Travelgenio made sure its consumers are well-informed about their terms and conditions, before someone books with them. They provide every necessary informations and precautions regarding every travelling problems that may arise. To read and check Travelgenio’s terms and conditions you may click here.    

What people are saying

Given the description that Travelgenio gives their customers all the informations they need, and all their terms and conditions before a customer commence a booking; still some of Travelgenio’s customers seems to be disappointed, regarding Travelgenio’s customer service. Some of the reviews from Travelgenio’s previous customers are listed below:

Really disappointed with my recent booking on Travelgenio. I had come to their website via Skyscanner. The only option was to pay via credit card which put the price up by $70+, then I find out that it was in fact an ‘international transaction’ which my bank wanted a cut of – so that was another $33. In the end, I could have got a cheaper flight elsewhere.

Verdict – very dodgy company that I won’t be using again.”

—Tomobil(Gold Coast)

Travelgenio cancelled my ticket and refused to give a full refund as booking/service fees are non refundable. They also refused to rebook me on an alternative flight and basically gave me no options apart from the partial refund. I lost my booking and about $130 on the booking and service fees they refuse to refund despite them cancelling the flight, not me. Terrible service. I now only book direct with airlines who operate the flight as these online travel booking sites are so dodgy, especially travelgenio. Partial refund also took over a month!”

—Mike Turk

The Website

Travelgenio’s website is a clean and well organized website, in fact a very refreshing one. The blue colored windows and tabs really blends within the website’s white background. Here, you can search for available flights, and hotels. You can even check their blogs that promotes different travel destinations and tips. You will never be bored. Aside from the fact that Travelgenio offers cheap flights and accommodations which are payable via credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Visa Electron, and Maestro. Customer service hotlines are open 24/7 for every consumer’s questions and concerns.

Travelgenio Website

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  +34 911 160 765
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number:  +34 917 545 683
  • Head Office Address: C/ Albasanz 15, 2º Izquierda, 28037 Madrid, Spain


Travelgenio Logo


In conclusion, judging from the recent Travelgenio reviews, feedback and comments that makes the credibility of the company the benefit of the doubt. Still, given the circumstances, Travelgenio’s loyal consumers continues to book with them. I’m pretty sure that Travelgenio is doing something about these complains, for them to accommodate customer’s concern more efficiently as well as to uplift their reputation. Convenience is what every traveller wants, and i think it’s one of the things that every online travel agency should offer.  


One thought on “Travelgenio Reviews

  1. Emzet

    I organize family vacations in Latin America all the time and I usually book tickets for 5-6 passengers at a time. You’d think that any travel agent would want to keep my business, but not these guys!

    So it all started with me booking tickets for 5 passengers and mistyping one of the names – I missed one letter in the family name of one of the passengers.
    I called Travelgenio immediately (about 2 hours after booking the reservation) trying to correct my mistake, and that’s when my nightmare began.
    What followed was 10 days of endless phone calls and emails.
    Every time I’d call Travelgenio, they would tell me something different.
    I would then have to call the airline to verify the information, only to discover that I have been outright lied to by Travelgenio.
    Eventually, 10 days after the fact, I was told that I need to cancel and re-book the reservation. But guess what, the price of the ticket had literally tripled during that time!

    Travelgenio have certainly lost my trust and my future business.
    I am utterly disappointed by their lack of competence and their level of service.
    People should be warned not to expect any level of customer service whatsoever.
    Just for laughs, here’s one of my email to Travelgenio summarizing the situation.


    I have been calling Travelgenio almost every day this week and every time I get a different answer.
    Can you please put me in touch with a supervisor or someone else in charge as I no longer trust the information I receive?

    1. I first called on Monday Jan 30th, just a couple of hours after I purchased tickets for 5 passengers to alert you that one of the names is misspelled.
    I was told that there is no problem to change the name of one of the passengers as there was only one letter difference. I was told that Travelgenio will put a note on my reservation for the airline to see and execute the correction.
    2. I talked to the airline and I was told that they do indeed see the note requesting the name change, that there is no fee for executing the change, and that Travelgenio should contact them directly for further information on how to execute the change
    3. I called Travelgenio again the next day (Jan 31st) to see if the name change was being processed
    Travelgenio told me again that they have added a note to the reservation, confirmed that there is no fee for the name change, and there’s nothing else for them to do
    4. I double checked with the airline, and I was again told, there is no fee to execute the name change but the process needs to be initiated by the travel agent
    5. I called back Travelgenio to communicate back that information (Jan 31st)
    A lady who was quite rude on the phone told me that there is no need to change the name as there is only one letter difference, and that I will be allowed to board nonetheless. I was assured that there can be a difference of up to 3 letters and I will still be allowed to board.
    6. I called the airline one more time to verify this information, and I was told that it was wrong, and that I do need to change the name on the reservation.
    7. I called Travelgenio one more time… (Feb 1st)
    I was told one more time that there is no fee to change the name and that they will finally initiate the procedure to do it.
    8. Today, Feb 3rd, I receive an email from Travelgenio telling me that I need to cancel and re-book the ticket and that I need to pay close to 500 EUR for this even though the price of the ticket was only 183 USD!!

    Why was I not told this the first time I called? The price of the ticket was still the same on Monday. But I was being misled for a full week and now the price has tripled.
    I was led to believe that there is no problem with the name and that either the reservation did not have to be modified or that it was already modified. What would have happened if I hadn’t followed up?!
    I was assured several times by both Travelgenio and GOL Airlines that there is no fee for executing the name change. I therefore demand that you change the name free of charge.
    I am highly disappointed in your customer service representatives. I was misled and outright lied to.
    Can you please put me in touch with a supervisor so we can sort this out? I prefer communicating by mail from now on in order to keep a record of our conversation.”


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