Travelguru Review

TravelGuru Review

India is one of the most visited destinations in the planet. The subcontinent has a variety of man-made and natural wonders to offer tourists and backpackers alike. The experience of going to these sight would at best take any traveler’s breath away as it provides countless opportunities to create memories that would last a lifetime.

With a such a country brimming with fantastic spots to enjoy vacation get-away, it’s no wonder that there had been several homegrown online travel agencies that have expanded in exotic India. One of these online travel agencies would be TravelGuru.

In this updated TravelGuru review, readers would be given a glimpse of how the Indian online travel agency operates and what do their previous customers had to say about their services.

Travelguru review CEO

Travelguru CEO Ashwin Damera

An Indian enterprise
In 2005, TravelGuru was co-founded by Ashwin Damera and Jarad Fisher who were students at Harvard Business School that time. The online travel agency was at the moment just a mere business plan, which was submitted to a scholastic body and placed second in the HBS Business Plan Competition. The two business students originally set their eyes on making an online travel agency that would be India’s one-stop travel portal which includes air, hotel and car rentals.

Currently, co-founder Ashwin Damera serves as the company CEO. Before leading one of India’s top online travel agencies, he worked in CitiBank Madras and Mumbai performing diverse financial and operating roles.

Damera also worked in New York for JetBlue Airways. Having a large family as well as many friends living in India, he decided to return home and build-up an enterprise based on business plan they presented at school.

Ashwin Damera also has an MBA from Harvard Business School apart from holding accounting qualifications in India.

However, not even Damera’s academic prowess was able to shield TravelGuru from disgruntled customers based on the information collected for the updated TravelGuru review.

One of India’s worst companies
According to complaints gathers by this TravelGuru review, the online travel agency was voted as he worst company in terms of customer support. Among the complaints filed by previous customers was the misinformation customer support would provide them whenever they called to make clarifications regarding their booked flights.

One previous customer complained that TravelGuru did not give them a refund although it was not their fault that their tickets were cancelled on the onset of their flight. Meanwhile, another customer complained that they had been ripped off $5000 after spending the worst night of their lives in a dilapidated structure that posed as a posh hotel.

Indian online travels
The TravelGuru website is sparkling with charm, it promotes the idea of vacation since their purpose is to captivate people who are looking for leisure. Booking flights, hotels and car rentals can be done online. They promote deals like “Handpicked deals”, for example “weekend getaways”, “travel delights”, best sellers and “Last minute deals”. They also encourage their customers to sign up for email updates so that they can receive travel deals and promotions for free.

Mainpage of Travelguru

Main page of Travelguru

On the other hand, the customer support is open everyday; their operating window is 8am to 12am.

Also, this TravelGuru review was able to collect the following booking information for new and existing customers:

New booking
Contact No.: +91 92111 77444
Email: Domestic Hotels & Holiday Packages:
International Hotels & Holiday Packages:

Existing booking
Contact No.: +91 92111 77444
Email: Domestic Hotels & Holiday Packages:
International Hotels:
International Holiday Packages:

For feedback, customers can mail them at FAQs is also provided for individuals with disabilities as a form of self help options.

Contact information
Travelguru is located at 802, 8th Floor, C Wing, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064, India. Their main slogan is “The Hotel Experts.” Add to that, this TravelGuru review was able to collect additional contact information which is included in this article:

• Website:
• Contact number: 91 22 4275 4800
• Fax Number: 91 22 4030 4809

Mixed reviews for TravelGuru
Based on the information collected by this updated TravelGuru review, many of the online travel agency’s customers gave it mixed reviews. Some were satisfied with the customer service provided by the company’s customer support while there were some who said more could have been done to improve the service. With a combination of negative and positive reviews, only TravelGuru could determine when they would be able to tip the scales to their favor. All they needs is sheer determination.

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  1. Jamir656

    the bosses seem to have a lot in terms of educational background, but they obviously lack in experience. that combination doesn’t help the business you know.

  2. thomas bran

    Yes, sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re a genius. All that counts is how your customers feel at the end of the service they experience.

  3. casy hina

    My gosh, $5000?!? Call the police, that’s more than a ripoff! That’s just pure theft!


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