Travelhero Reviews

Travelhero Reviews

Travelhero Reviews logoA lot of online travel agencies have sprung in the travel market. Most of these companies focus on flight booking. However, there are certain online travel agencies that have focused on other items of the travel itinerary.

One of these companies is They are an online travel agency that specializes in hotel booking and room reservations. They also offer helpful links that would aid travelers in their hotel bookings. Other than that, they offer rewards program for regular subscribers of their website.

In this OTA Reviews, travelers would be reading about and how the online travel agency operates. Also, travelers would also be reading customer feedback based on Travelhero reviews posted on the Internet.

Everyone needs saving

Travelhero provides very little information about their company on their website. Instead, they offer an extensive FAQs to help travelers with their hotel bookings and room reservations.

For starters, Travelhero clearly posted on their website that they are not a specific hotel. Furthermore, the online travel agency added that they could only assist travelers who made bookings or reservations on their site. If travelers booked elsewhere, Travelhero could not help them, even if the hotel is featured on their website.

Travelhero Reviews websiteTravelhero even provided customers contact details on their FAQs page to address certain issues like what was mentioned above. As for online security, the online travel agency said that they have the “the best anti-fraud policy in the business.” They added that if the credit card company does not hold the traveler liable for “unauthorized charges made as a result of the traveler’s credit card transaction with TravelHero while using the online travel agency’s secure server, they will reimburse the traveler for the remaining liability, up to the maximum of USD $50.”

Add to that, Travelhero offers a currency converter feature in their website, which would be useful for travelers who aren’t from the US. The feature covers around 150 currencies worldwide. It is located under the “travel resources” link.

For the safety of travelers that plan to book or reserve rooms in a different country, Travelhero offers Travel Health Information. However, customers are advised that changes on the information posted on the website may vary from what is implemented on the traveler’s destination.

Being a third party service provider, Travelhero offers reviews coming from travelers who previously booked with them. The reviews made by previous customers are then sent to the hotels they booked with so that they’d be able to upgrade their services when it’s necessary.

Meanwhile, there are no detailed reviews about Travelhero that is posted on the web. For the most part, only the contact information of the online travel agency is available in many review site. This is be due to the fact that Travelhero merely consolidates information about hotels and other properties and lets the travelers decide which to pick.

As for the website, travelers would be greeted by a huge search panel where customers just need to type in their information, in order to access the catalog of available hotels. Travelers can also use the local zip code of their destination to get a list of available properties in that area.

For additional information on the services provided by the online travel agency, customers can click the “contact us” pull-up menu, where customers can send a private message to Travelhero. Add to that, customers can also connect with the company through their social media pages in Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.


Based on Travelhero reviews posted on the Internet, the online travel agency is doing a good job in providing options for hotel booking and room reservations. Unfortunately, there are no other reviews about their products and services other than those posted on their website. Still, they are worth a shot, given that they were also no negative reviews posted against them on the web.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:    (480) 946-5100
  • Fax Number:        (480) 946-0450
  • Email address:
  • Head Office Address:    7201 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States

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