TravelSupermarket Review

TravelSupermarket Review

Nowadays it’s not just groceries that people shop for; travel packages have been a hit with the budget conscious traveler since the emergence of online travel agencies.

One online travel agency even played with naming their company to perfectly fit the transformation of travel packages from a luxury to a necessity. Enter TravelSupermarket, where all deals are great and discounts are drop dead awesome.

This TravelSupermarket review would try to get as much truth on the advertisements posted by the online travel agency as well as the customer’s satisfaction rating with their services.

The English Mom & Pop Travel Grocer

TravelSupermarket is a UK based online travel agency the caters to the travel needs of the entire family. Based on their LinkedIn account, the company “compares flights, car hire, hotels, cruise, package holidays and dynamic packaging by searching hundreds of travel websites. The information supplied is unbiased and is designed to save the customer time and money.”

However, this TravelSupermarket review found out that the online travel agency had recently tied up with TrainGenius, which handles train ticket sales. TrainGenius was licensed by all train operating companies across the UK, making it the biggest train ticketing agent through online or call center.

TravelSupermarket review traingenius

This recent tie-up is coupled by TravelSupermarket’s experience in getting information directly from “suppliers such as Opodo, British Airways, Thomas Cook, First Choice, Thomson, Thomas Cook, Holiday Autos, Auto-Europe” among others. Add to that, TravelSupermarket is a subsidiary of the Group PLC.

With such a big organization, would it truly be able to provide the most affordable travel packages to each and every Englishman and woman? This TravelSupermarket review would soon find out!


Based on experiences shared by previous customers, TravelSupermarket’s services were disgraceful and not worth a single star on a survey. A customer said that they bought a train travel package for two for $27. After the transaction was made, the customer found out the the ticket sold to them was good for only one traveler. The customer called customer support only to hear the person on the other end of the line advise them that they needed to add an additional $20 to book another passenger in the package.

Meanwhile, there were also some customers who enjoyed the service of TravelSupermarket. Then again, there had been very limited information about the online travel agency among travelers from other countries since the company is mainly focused in serving travelers in the UK.

A very English holiday

The website features a lot of travel packages for the curious lads and ladies in the English isle. In fact, they offer packages within the UK and across the globe. This TravelSupermarket review would brush over those options on the website.

At the top portion of the website is the navigation bar where customers can check holidays, flights, hotels, car hire, travel insurance, travel extras, and the online travel agency’s blog.

On the left portion of the website, customers would be able to type in specific information on the tour package that they were looking for. Add to that, customers could also check out the advertisement at the midsection of the website where they could find advertisements on the latest inexpensive deals out in the market.

TravelSupermarket review website

Meanwhile, this TravelSupermarket review was also able to visit the contact us page where customers would be able to find the phone hotline and email for both TravelSupermarket and TrainGenius concerns and feedback.

Contact information

Speaking of the “contact us” page, this TravelSupermarket review was also able to collect the following additional information:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 01241 661698
  • Head Office Address: London

British Pub and American Bar

There are somethings best kept exclusive to a certain group of people. The same goes with TravelSupermarket that targets mostly residents in the UK. Although it feels much like any other online travel agency, it does offer some peculiar yet very interesting packages like the train package.

In the US, it would be a rare instance where an online travel agency specializing on flight packages would also have train packages. Then again, it’s always good to have some sort of variety in the online travel industry.

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    Nope! Not gonna book with them, i need cash to enjoy my trip, not to pay for unnecessary fees.


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