TravelTriangle Reviews

TravelTriangle Reviews

TravelTriangle Reviews LogoTravelTriangle is an online travel agency founded in India with the goal of bridging travel agents to their potential customers. The agency was founded in New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, an industrial city in India.

In this new OTA Reviews article we will be looking at the various TravelTriangle reviews to see how this travel agency serves its customers and clients. Let’s take a look!

Origins and Ownership

TravelTriangle Reviews Sankalp AgarwalThis agency was founded in 2011 by three school friends, all graduates from Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). They went on a vacation Ladakh and found out that other travelers were looking for an alternative way to book and customize their holiday packages, that’s when the three decided to form Holiday Plan, which was renamed to what we now know as TravelTriangle. The three founders are Sankalp Agarwal, Sanchit Garg and Prabhat Gupta who worked for Adobe Systems, Oracle and Yahoo respectively.

The current CEO of TravelTriangle is Sankalp Agarwal, a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology. Prior to founding TravelTriangle, Agarwal worked as a software developer for Adobe Systems.

What people think of TravelTriangle

The small number of TravelTriangle reviews and testimonials from verified customers makes it look like this company hardly has any patrons. A lot of the reviews I found were generic, single phrase remarks such as “very good”, “excellent” and “great”, making it look like the reviews were either fake or were made by TravelTriangle staff themselves.

Moreover, one customer noticed the prices of their packages increasing over the course of two days. According to him, a package was posted and it costs Rs 62,000. In the evening, the same package was priced at Rs 68,000, then the next morning, the price changed to Rs 72,000. The funny thing was when the price rose to Rs 72,000, they added a Rs 4,400 discount perhaps to entice their customers.

The Website

TravelTriangle Reviews WebsiteNow, let’s check out their website. The design looks good, with a large background image in their homepage and the clear images of their featured destinations, you can see that they actually took time to make their website as presentable as they can. The first thing you will notice when you visit their site is the trip booking form which is located smack-dab in the middle of the page. It has four input boxes: the destination, the duration (number of days), the budget allocation and the “going with” drop down box.

Customer Service

For concerns and concerns, you may call their 24-hour hotline: +91 120 4545612, or you can send them an email at They also have a live chat support on their website. To use it, click the blue tab widget found on the lower right of their website.


According to their website, TravelTriangle is partnered with more than 600 travel agents that can book you to 40+ countries. The company is headquartered in Noida, India and currently has 300+ employees.

Contact Details


With such inconsistent service pricing, budget travelers may find TravelTriangle a bit sketchy. If you’re still planning on booking with this online travel agency, make sure to have a bit of extra cash in case they decide to change the price of your holiday package.


4 thoughts on “TravelTriangle Reviews

  1. Alyanna

    One of my biggest fears is running out of cash while on a vacation in another country. As a student, I’d rather use a service that has a fixed price so as to avoid such fears from coming true.

  2. Martin O'reilly

    TravelTriangle is an interesting website but their customer service really sucks.

  3. Somasundaram

    plan tour packages I booked but some reason I cancelled tour but not refund my mony cheating travetringle agent please refund money

  4. Nerav M

    Avoid. Travel triangle state ‘you get what you pay for’ & 100% gurantee. But these are lies. any issues they blame the agent and suggest you take it up with them. They actuallly dont do anything.


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