Travelup Review

Travelup Review

Online travel agencies revolutionized the way travelers complete their itinerary. However, this also triggered some questions especially how reliable these travel agencies are in providing a credible service. In recent years, it’s already proven that some travel agencies do not really serve their purpose in bringing convenience to travelers.

In this Travelup review, we travelers would have a better overview of one of the well rated travel agencies in the United Kingdom and learn what their previous customers can say about their service.

What people are saying

The travel website received mixed reviews from their previous customers. Majority of them expressed their disappointment in using the services offered by Travelup.

Travelup garnered a fairly above average rating. Aside from that, their website is well praised for being friendly as they offer an array of “Best Business Class Tickets” compared to other travel websites.

On the other hand, it seems some customers are not satisfied with what Travelup has to offer. In their opinion, the travel website is just a sales portal that profits by charging customers excessively through hidden charges included on services that could not be considered special. Some customers also commented that it would be best to just deal with airlines.

Travelup Website

ogGyuJ1As mentioned above, the Travelup website is aesthetically impressive. The user friendly web page allows customers to find and book flights. Customers are given a list of the earliest flights available according to their preference. Aside from flights, the website is also useful for car rental services.

In addition to that, they offer different travel tools, which can greatly assist travelers in their endeavour. They also feature some of their affiliate airlines, that offer daily promotional packages. Learn more about their website, here.

For Travelup’s customer service assistance, travelers may call them via 0118-956-6464. In addition to that,  travelers should re-confirm 72-hours prior to their departure.  They also offer additional assistance during their business hours from Monday to Friday 9AM – 6AM and Saturday 10AM – 4AM. Moreover, the website also provides an emergency number in case customers encounter a problem with their booking which is available via 07506717565.

About Travelup

Travelup is a British based travel website with headquarters located in London and Blackpool; they are staffed by expert call center agents to assist travelers with their travel arrangements. They offer numerous services including flights, accommodation, car hire, travel insurance, airport parking, attraction tickets, visa requirements or a complete holiday package to suit any budget.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 0118-956-6464
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: United Kingdom


Based on this Travelup review, their website is pretty impressive, not to mention that it offers different flight deals in different major travel destinations. Also considering the supporting reviews about the website’s features, they truly have good tools that provide convenience to their customers.

However, we should also consider some of the feedback from previous customers, to just consider going directly to airlines, which is more ideal if you want to be more secured from hidden charges.

What can you say about Travelup? Share your your opinion with us feel free to leave a message below.


2 thoughts on “Travelup Review

  1. Jessica

    We decided we’d rather buy brand new tickets rather than give them any more of our money to fix a mistake to our original booking with them (their fault).

  2. Muriel Terrence

    with the way they handled my call — they dropped it not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES — i don’t see myself using their services any longer.


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