Travelup Reviews

Travelup Reviews

Travelup Reviews - Travelup LogoTravelup is an online travel agency that specializes on providing flight ticket promos. They are partnered with over 500 airlines that flies to 13,000 destinations worldwide, allowing for more flight options.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the Travelup reviews to see if this online travel agency is the right choice for you.


Travelup is a website founded that allows travelers from different parts of the globe to book flights, hotels, car rental services, holiday bundles, activities, and travel insurance online.

What people are saying

While many of their customers have been satisfied with the service they received, others were not as fortunate. The Travelup reviews from irate customers showed how inconvenient their services can be. Here are some of them:

I still don’t understand whether I’m booked or not for my flight. I have sent 2 emails to get a confirmation and either I don’t get a reply or I get a reply which completely ignores my question, which is worrying me. The lack of communication is really quite worrying and it makes the whole thing quite a stressful ordeal. Will probably not be using TravelUp again.

The actual information in the e-ticket is not as helpful/comprehensive as I am used to from other services.

Other irritated users complained about the erroneous itineraries that they received, lack of proper communication with the company, and several badly worded emails from their agents which confused those who booked with them.

The website

Travelup Reviews - Travelup Website

Their website is simply impressive. When you open the homepage, you will be welcomed by a large header with some complex image and text that has some interesting transition animations. It is obvious that the developers of this site took time to actually make their pages attractive.

Below the cover image is the flight booking form that has standard input boxes for users to fill up. Below that, you will find several bright and vibrant images of the most popular destinations along with the flight ticket prices.

Customer service

For new reservations, clients may call 0118 956 6464 from Mondays to Sundays starting 8AM to 10PM or they may send an email to For inquiries and complaints, clients may call  0871 250 2510 from Monday to Friday at 9AM to 6PM and Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM.

Contact information


While some clients may have had a smooth booking experience, many others have complained about the poor customer service that they received from the company’s representatives. The Travelup reviews above shows how inconvenient and troublesome this can be. If you wish to keep your trips as stress-free as possible, we suggest you think twice before booking with this company.

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