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Trip Reviews

Trip Reviews LogoIn the period that OTA Reviews began writing articles on customers feedback on online travel agencies, there had been some oddities that were encountered on the Internet. These online travel agencies do not share their company information their websites. They provide no contact information and they put links on their website that are highly suspicious.

One example of these odd online travel agencies is The online travel agency does not provide company information on their website. They only have a feedback link. Add to that, their international link leads to another online travel agency that curiously doesn’t seem to be their affiliate to begin with.

In this OTA Reviews article, travelers would be reading about the online travel agency Also, travelers would be learning more about how the company operates and what previous customers had to say about their service based on the limited Trip reviews posted on the Internet.

Online travel search engine

Trip Reviews is actually an online travel search engine and not just an online travel agency. Although the company information may not be readily available on the website at the moment, other websites provide information about the online travel search engine.

In 1996,, Inc. was founded. It serves as an online travel agency that provides “computer databases in the fields of travel information; transportation by air, train, bus, or boat; musical, theatrical, comedic, live dramatic, films, and sporting events; dining and art exhibitions; ground traffic and parking; and shopping and destination information.”

Apart from retail services, the company also offers “insurance brokerage services.”’s headquarters is located at Englewood, Colorado.

Trip Reviews web2Meanwhile, there seems to be very few people using the service. Afterall, is an online travel search engine. Therefore, travelers do have the option of directly visiting the online travel agencies that they have booked with before.

Then again if the traveler wishes to use the online line travel search engine, they would be greeted by a huge search panel that could be used to look for affordable flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, vacation rentals, deals, and trip guides.

In the middle of the website, travelers would be able to check the “trip guides.” These “trip guides” consist of major cities around the world as well as popular travel destination within the country.

On the other hand, there is something a bit surprising at the bottom of the website where a quick link for their international counterpart could be clicked. The link reads “;” however when a person opens the link, they are led to

Contact information

Meanwhile, OTA Reviews was able to collect a few more contact information about the company from the Trip reviews available on the Internet.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 303-790-9360
  • Fax Number: 303-708-7228
  • Head Office Address: 6436 South Racine Circle, Englewood, CO 80111, United States

Additional marketing needed

Based on the very few Trip reviews available on the Internet, Inc. should really consider marketing their products and services so that their business would expand. Otherwise, travelers would just stick with what works; that is, booking with their favorite online travel agency.

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  1. paul panther

    Looks like another one of those guide websites that does nothing but advertise other agencies.


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