Tripbase Reviews

Tripbase Reviews

Tripbase Reviews - Tripbase LogoHave you ever experienced wanting to go on a trip anywhere but didn’t have any idea what place to visit? This can be quite frustrating, especially to those suffering from a severe case of wanderlust. Luckily, a lot of businesses have acknowledged this issue and have developed websites that does not only sell travel tickets, but also provide travelers suggestions about where and when to travel. Tripbase is one such company.

What is Tripbase?

Tripbase is an online travel website founded in 2005 that aims to assist travelers find flight tickets, hotel rooms, car rental services, and vacation packages. Aside from the services mentioned, it also acts as a travel research tool which gives clients a comprehensive and personalized travel ideas for travelers.

According to their website, their goal is to help travelers save time. Instead of having to visit numerous websites in search of the best travel deals that would fit their needs, they just have to visit Tripbase to see all the data needed to complete their travel agendas. Have they been successful in their goal? Let’s find out by looking at some of the Tripbase reviews I found online.


Tripbase Reviews - Tripbase CEO, Reuven LevittTripbase’s current Chief Executive Officer is Reuven Levitt. He is one of the co-founders of the travel company and has been its CEO ever since its launch. Prior to his founding of Tripbase, he co-founded, a health and lifestyle website.

He is a graduate of Computer Science from the Stanford University and got his masters degree in Computational Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science.

What people are saying

To fully assess how well a company performs, it is best to look beyond their promises and into the opinions of those who actually used their services. After looking for some latest Tripbase reviews online, I saw that they managed to earn a fair rating from their customers, mainly due to the convenience it provides. However, there are still quite a few complaints from irate customers.

According to some, the booking form can be faulty at times. Here’s what one customer said:

Tried to use it twice and both times did NOT work. I filled out online form complete, and when I pressed search it asked me to complete “from” box again. Which I did and it keep asking me to complete “from”.

Some customers also wondered why they couldn’t choose a flight class. A client said that after specifically asking for a business class flight, all he saw were economy classes.

A look at the website

Tripbase Reviews - Tripbase Website

When you look at their website, you will immediately notice how plain it looks. Unlike many travel agency websites nowadays, has looks fairly outdated in terms of design. However, the layout is pretty intuitive and the large booking form found in the middle of the page makes booking easy.

This booking form may be used to search for available flights, hotels, car for rent, and vacation promos. To choose which service you wish to use, simply click on the corresponding tabs found on top of the form.

Aside from that, you may also read their blog for some travel tips and advice.

Customer service

If you wish to get in touch with Tripbase, you may send them an email at Aside from that, you may also want to check out their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Contact information


The website was able to garner fair ratings from its previous clients thanks to the simple and convenient website that they developed. This, however, is not always the case as some people did notice that the booking form sometimes becomes flawed. If you are willing to test their services, don’t forget to give us an update in the comments below!


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