Venere Review

Venere Review

featured-veniceOnline travel website revolutionized the way of life of modern travelers by providing a convenient way to manage and organize their travel endeavor without leaving their house. In this Venere review we give travelers a better overview about one of the leaders in online hotel reservation and learn what their previous customer say about their service.

What people are saying

Based on reviews about Venere service it seems that majority of their customers are disappointed with the poor quality of their booking procedure. Aside from that, they are accused of  fraudulent business practices. A lot of these unsatisfied customers shared their horrific experience in different online review website such as Trustpilot.

The travel website is also bombarded by complaints about poor treatment of their customer representatives. Which they described as unreliable and rude. Customers are not also pleased on how Venere charged them extra for service cancellation or amendments. Aside from that, payment process with them is terrible, occasionally customers are charged twice the amount they agreed to pay.

Venere Website

bpB3JYBThe simple and well designed website of Venere and pretty quick, it allows customers to search and book reservation the easiest possible. The navigation panel of the website is packed with different tabs that would address customer’s needs.

They also advertised some of the most famous hotels in popular cities around the world. However, the only downside of this feature, unlike other website who offer all the necessary information customers need to know about the hotel. Apparently with regards with Venere website, customers need first to booked with the hotel before they can see the information they need.

Venere customer service hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available via +44(0)20 3027 7155 standard rates may apply if you call their service hotline. Moreover, customers can also visit their website to know check-out their existing reservation, click here.

About Venere is subsidiary brand of Expedia, Inc. an american global brand that operate different travel websites. However, unlike other subsidiaries of Expedia, focus more on Online hotel reservations and various type of accommodations. The company’s headquarters is located in Rome, Italy and staffed by more than 150 employees.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +44(0)20 3027 7155
  • Head Office Address: Via della Camilluccia, 693 00135 Roma


Based on this Venere review, The company is pretty impressive in terms of hotel choices they can give to their customers. However, I have an impression that Venere is struggling to maintain a good relationship with their customers. Considering the overwhelming negative review about their service we cannot disregard the idea they are far from better in providing quality service.

On the second thought, there are a lot of reliable travel website on the web that can provide satisfying service. As what we always advise, always make sure to make a detailed research about the travel website  before dealing with them.

I hope this Venere review helps travelers to have a better overview about this travel website.  What can you say about this Venere review? we would like to know your opinion, feel free to leave a message below.



One thought on “Venere Review

  1. Jenna Green

    The booking process on their website is okay, pretty standard and the prices are significantly cheap. Cancellation is hard and involves nearly an hour or even more on a phone.


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