Vienna International Airport Reviews

Vienna International Airport Reviews

Vienna International Airport Reviews LogoVienna International Airport (IATA Code: VIE), known for being the largest airport serving the Republic of Austria, can be found in the country’s capital: Vienna. The airport is located southeast from the city’s metropolitan area, specifically in a town named Schwechat. Due to its size, the airport is has the capability to handle wide-body aircraft i.e. Boeing 747 and Airbus A380.

Are you going to visit this airport sometime soon? If you are, you may want to look at the Vienna International Airport reviews we gathered from various websites all over the web. This will give you an idea on what to expect from this airport. We hope this helps!

Efficient, Beautiful and Clean

For future visitors: consider yourself lucky! Vienna International Airport appears to be well-loved by the previous passengers. A lot of people have admired the airport’s cleanliness and efficiency. According to one passenger, he liked how well-organized VIE was. Another passenger admired the wide array of food stores, from fast food to gourmet, nearly everything he liked to eat can be found in the stores.

Some people, especially those who are artistically-inclined, took notice of the aesthetically pleasing interior and architectural design. One passenger loved the black hallways along with the black leather lounge banks. Another passenger, who usually dreaded the long check-in process, was surprised to see how efficient and civilized the self check-in turned out to be.

Amenities and Aesthetics

Vienna International Airport Reviews InsideNow, looking inside the airport, you may notice the glossy hallways, well-lit lounges and aesthetically pleasing lobbies. Once inside, you may want to approach the information desks located in at the following areas: the Arrivals area (open from 7:00AM – 10:00PM), Terminal 3 (open from 5:30 AM – 10:00 PM), Arrivals Hall Landside (open from 5:30 AM – 11:30 PM), Arrivals Halls Airside (open from 5:30 AM – 10:50 PM) and Terminal 1(5:00AM – 10:50PM).

If you’re hungry, you can find lots of restaurants and cafés all throughout the terminals. In terms of shopping,  you will also find a wide variety of stores inside VIE, from clothing and bags to jewelry and duty free shops, all of which exist to cater you different shopping needs.

Overall, Vienna International Airport is one of the most aesthetically pleasing airports in the world


If you are traveling by car, you may want to use A21, S1 and A1 to the A4 (If you’re from the West), S1 and A2 to the A4 (If you’re from the South) and A4 (If you’re coming from the North and East.)

Other land transportation methods include: buses, the Express Train S7, the Intercity Express (ICE) and the City Airport Train (CAT).

Location, Traffic and Service

VIE can be found roughly 11 miles or 18 kilometers to the Southwest of downtown Vienna. With two runways: 16/34 and 11/29 spanning more than 11,000 feet in length, more than 22 million annual passengers and 220,000+ aircraft movements, VIE is known to be the largest airport in Austria.

Terminal Map

Vienna International Airport Reviews Terminal Map

To view the full terminal map of this airport, visit this page.

Contact Details


Let me say this, VIE is definitely one of those airports who can offer two of the most sought-after characteristics in an airport: efficiency and great facilities. Based on the Vienna International Airport reviews above, we can see that a lot of the previous passengers were commending the airport for various things. If, one day, you find yourself inside VIE’s terminals, we hope that you have the same pleasant experience that most of the previous passengers have.

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2 thoughts on “Vienna International Airport Reviews

  1. Patricia Sander

    I LOOOOOVE their hallway designs. I went there last January and the minimalistic colors just took my breath away. Also, the gigantic chess piece in the departures area was my favorite part!

  2. Ellena Irving

    The interior designers really deserve an award for this one. Probably one of the best looking airports in the world. The TSA are annoying, as in most airports in the USA.


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