Vietnam Airlines Reviews

Vietnam Airlines Reviews

Vietnam Airlines Reviews - Vietnam Airlines LogoVietnam Airlines’ history can be followed back to the dawn of Vietnam Civil Aviation which led the division of Vietnam’s Air Force and the non military personnel flight industry sometime in the year 1956. The carrier’s founding may not  have been possible without the backing of the Soviet Union and China, since both of the said nations offered the airline its first ever aircraft.

The carrier’s operations and overall progress had been greatly obstructed amid the Vietnamese war. For the most part, the carrier utilized Soviet Era aircraft due to the trade ban forced onto them by the US. Vietnam Airlines had only been able to obtain Western-made airplanes in 1994 when Bill Clinton, former US president, removed the official boycott to Vietnam.

From that point forward, the carrier experienced large-scale progress and improvements. Today, they are known as a supplier of high quality flight service in the locale, making them standout among other airline rivals. Let’s take a look at some of the latest Vietnam Airlines reviews to see how well this carrier really handles its passengers’ needs.

What people are saying

Looking at the Vietnam Airlines reviews online, it’s apparent that the airline could live up to their client’s desires by giving a stand-out support of their travelers. The aircraft is applauded by online analysts for their exceptional style of giving unmatched administration.

As indicated by the airline’s previous passengers, they got their cash’s worth with the administration they got from the aircraft. Clients communicated their profound respect for the in-flight conveniences gave on load up; seats were exceptionally agreeable; meals and refreshments are ample. Indeed, even the dazzling staff merit recognition.

Meanwhile, the single negative review that I have found regarding the carrier had something to do about the selected in-flight movies. Clients recommend that the aircraft ought to highlight more redesigned motion pictures instead of those old and dull in-flight films.

A look at the website

Vietnam Airlines Reviews - Vietnam Airlines Website
The site offers advantageous elements that significantly help clients in booking and dealing with their booked flight by means of the website, which results to an easy and convenient flight experience. Beside flight reservation, it’s likewise furnished with various valuable elements like course guide, armada data, flight timetable, and flight status checking, so clients can easily manage and arrange their flights.

Customer service

Vietnam Airlines’ customer service hotline varies depending on the region that you are calling from. For those calling from Northern Vietnam, they may dial (84-4) 38320320. Those calling from Southern Vietnam may dial (84-8) 38320320, and those calling from Central Vietnam may dial (84-511) 3832320.

Moreover, aside from their telephone support, clients may also ask assistance via email by sending their message to, which is available 24/7.

Services offered

Vietnam Airlines Reviews - Vietnam Airlines CabinVietnam Airlines’ fleet are configured to provide three flight classes: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Class. All three flight classes are available on local and global flights. In-flight excitement may shift depending on the type of the airplane.

Contact information


In view of these Vietnam Airlines reviews, negative criticism regarding the carrier diminished on account of the top-notch services that they carrier could provide. As I would see it, clients no longer mind the bad reviews that the carrier had garnered in the previous years, as the Vietnam Airlines had already took care of most of the issues.

Then again, it’s still profoundly prescribed for the airline to address client concerns so they can ceaselessly give the finest support of their clients. With that, there’s doubtlessly Vietnam Airlines is an exceedingly prescribed carrier!


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