Voyages SNCF Review

Voyages SNCF Review

vsc_logoTravel in continental Europe via train is never a wonderful prospect, passengers need to endure the long wait of over crowded train stations just to buy their own ticket, which is very time consuming especially if you are a traveler who has a limited time to wander off to all the historical and majestic tourist destinations in the heart of Europe.

Voyages SNCF answers the clamor for convenience and speedy process in buying your train ticket using their website. It allows travelers to book and reserve train tickets prior the the departure from the country.

In this  Voyages SNCF review, we give travelers an overview about the problems surrounding the service of the company and we’ll also know more about what people say about them and how their service it greatly affected by customer’s opinion.

What people are saying

There are a lot of complaints arising about the reliability of service. It seems a lot of  travelers are curious about the travel website and express their doubt if the company is even authentic. Moreover, Voyages SNCF customers have a lot of things to say about the service of the website including reviews that could either be positive and negative feedback about them.

Based on the overwhelming feedback about the travel website, it seems that the company is legitimate because a lot of their previous customers talk about them. Apparently, majority of them are vilifying the deteriorating service of the website  in recent years. As claimed, Voyages SNCF has a big in ticket delivery problems and rants against the company is mainly about the non delivery of customer’s ticket or late delivery.

Despite of these overwhelming complaints about their service, there are also some customers that praised them for the efficient service they provided to travelers. Even more, the website garnered a number of recommendations.

Voyages SNCF Website

XpEV5x9Meanwhile, their website is pretty impressive and user friendly. The well organized website has a navigation panel wherein travelers can buy train tickets based on their preferences. Aside from that, it can also be used for InterRail pass to Europe. Learn more about their website, here.

In addition to their website, Voyages SNCF offers a flexible way to book your train tickets using their mobile app available in Google Play Store and Apple Apps store for free. The mobile app is equipped with optimized features to manage your reservations freely using your smartphones.

Customer Service

The Voyages SNCF customer service hotline is available via 33 9 70 60 99 70(1) and open from Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 8PM. On the other hand, customers email them by visiting their website here.

About Voyages SNCF

Voyages SNCF is an official French railway website which sells train tickets for international journeys to and from France. Train ticket sales are based on seating option. Moreover, the website is a subsidiary of the French SNCF and Expedia. In 2013, the company launched their subsidiary website that can cater travelers in United Kingdom. Aside from UK, the company also expanded their service in throughout Europe and launched 14 website available in 6 languages.

If you happen to be leaving the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa or South America, Voyages SNCF has two subsidiaries that can cater travelers outside Europe via the United States (, Canada  ( as well as for Australia, NZ, Asia, Africa & South America (

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:  33 9 70 60 99 70
  • Head Office Address: La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine), France


Voyages SNC service seems to be haunted by difficulties, this cannot be denied because of the overwhelming reviews about their service. Although, considering the extent of their service catering the entire European continent and other continent outside Europe they are pretty amazing.

Moreover, the great challenge of the company, is how to cater a quality service among their customers outside Europe. Because majority of complaints about their service are more about late deliveries of ticket bought by their customers outside Europe.

What can you say Voyages SNCF? Share your opinion with us, feel free to leave a message below.


5 thoughts on “Voyages SNCF Review

  1. Sally

    I flew to Geneva several weeks ago and I got to try Voyages SNCF. It’s a bit annoying how they don’t answer phone calls.

  2. Pam

    Terrible service.
    Trying to book a train within Sweden (5.5 hour trip). After 2x days of trying to process the payment online, I tried their website help, which is only automated and will only understand pre-set questions.
    So onto their toll number. He could not identify any of my details/itinerary details from the profile I set up, so started from scratch, spelling out place names. He could not find the locations I was looking for.
    After speaking with his supervisor he finally advised that they cannot book train fares within 1 country -only between multiple countries. Apparently this is shown on their website (I still can’t see it anywhere).
    This took 9.5minutes on the toll number to find out.
    Why let people search for trains that you cannot book, and let them go so far as entering credit card details to purchase.
    Terrible information on website, and call centre staff don’t care.

  3. woolly stubbs made a terrible mistake closing down their Picadilly office and northern call centres and relocating their UK customers operations to Barcelona with Sitel Iberia. Sitel Iberia are both unprofessional and unethical. The staff are insufficently trained using a faulty 20 year old software package known as Euronet. Refunds procedures are beyond a joke.

  4. oltion

    I took the train from Chambery to Milan on 28.10.2016 and it was a horrible experience. It came after 2 and a half hours at the station. Despite this huge delay the problems did not stop. It was not going fast enough (probably it had a problem) and it DID NOT TAKE ME TO THE DESTINATION. It stopped in Turin and we were taken to buses towards Milan. The time loss reached 3 and a half hours. For this reason I missed my plane. Try to avoid french trains if you can. I can never trust them again.


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