Voyij Reviews

Voyij Reviews

An online travel agency is a living and breathing organism. It needs to be fed with capital to keep it thriving. It needs to be kempt so that it would grow properly. Management should always keep their organization lean to avoid any excessive and unnecessary expenses in the long run. If any of the basic necessities for growing an upstart online travel agency were to be missed out, it could lead to the organization’s untimely demise.

This is the case with Voyij. Their motives were pure. They used their own cash. The business went dead. These Voyij reviews will look at what happened to the start up company that bit the dust.

An incomplete voyage

Based on the company profile, Voyij operated as an online travel agency that maintained a website where travelers could check out the latest in affordable “travel deals, specials, sales, and promotions for airfares, hotels, and vacation packages.”

Voyij customers could also compare prices between airlines to get the best rates fit for their travel needs. Apart from that, the online travel agency booked travel packages located at the US mainland, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Meanwhile, these Voyij reviews was able to uncover a statement from co-founder Paul Kim where he shared his sentiments on a post at Quora in 2014 about the closure of Voyij. Kim said that “Voyij simply ran out of runway after two years of trying to make real-time geo-targeted travel deals work in a depressed economy.”

Voyij review CEO

From Left: Software Engineer Priyank Gandhi, President and CEO Brent Stewart, and co-founder Paul Kim

Kim added that customer usually ended up being disappointed by the additional fees that needed to be included on their airfare; among these extra fees were taxes and destination charges. After losing a large chunk of their customers in the two years that they operated, Kim admitted that Voyij needed the money to keep it going. It seemed that this they had nowhere to go to get that cash.

A field of dreams

It was around 2009 when Brent Stewart and Paul Kim launched the Beta interface of Voyij with their headquarters located in Cupertino, CA. They had another co-founder Nick Atkins who serves as the company’s Chief Technology Officer while Stewart became the company President and CEO.

The three were former developers of SideStep before they sold it to Kayak in 2007. Apparently, the three Voyij founders want to build an online travel website that would aggregate data for the budget savvy travelers.

Voyij review website

These Voyij reviews also found out that the travel agency would earn from getting commission from the booked flights and packages belonging to travel websites that were posted on Voyij’s aggregated data search. However, customers were not always satisfied with the flights they booked with certain travel agencies that Voyij would recommend from their list of cheap airfares.

This resulted to the reduction in users as well as commission coming from the travel websites Voyij had recommended to travelers.

Contact information

On the other hand, these Voyij reviews was able to gather some additional information about the former online travel agency.

  • Website URL: www.voyij.com
  • Contact number: 617-620-9664
  • Head Office Address: 20380 Town Center Lane, Suite 118, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States

A bitter pill

Voyij was a victim of the vicious world of online travel agencies. It certainly was offering something far more in-depth than the usual agencies with snazzy advertisements. Voyij was providing customers a choice through their aggregated data. However, a great idea is not enough to see everything through; sometimes, an OTA must be built for the kill.

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    I would never book a flight with an unreliable company such as this. Thanks for the heads up.


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