Wego Review

Wego Review

Online travel agencies are used by both new and frequent flyers to locate great and inexpensive flight deals on the web. In the world of aviation, it is essential to make flight booking effortless and affordable to the public. With so many online travel agencies, it would definitely hard for customers to determine which of these service providers would guarantee them excellent service as well as customer satisfaction.

Among the relatively young online travel agencies in the market would be Wego.

In this updated OTA Reviews article, customers would be given additional information about the company’s services as well as feedback from previous customers.

Wego review

Wego CEO Ross Veitch

A sophisticated travel agency
In 2005, Craig Hewett and Ross Veitch founded Wego; originally the online travel agency was known as Bezurk. Both Hewett and Veitch were former executives from Intercontinental Hotels Group and Yahoo Inc.

Meanwhile, the Wego website is currently offered in over 30 languages, and operates in 50 different country codes. It also automatically converts money to 42 different currencies.

In January 2012, Veitch became the CEO of Wego. Previously, he also joined the Australian Tourist Commission in Sydney in 1992. Originally, Veitch was a strategic analyst in charge of crunching data and writing savvy reports on the world’s travel market.

Clueless customers
Unfortunately many online travel agency customers, mostly frequent flyers don’t have an ounce of an idea about Wego. One frequent flyer had asked some travelers over the web if Wego was reliable in terms of booking a flight. The customer further went on saying that while they searching for affordable flights as well as a local flight ticket wholesaler, Wego’s website kept on popping up like an annoying advertisement.

Eventually, the customer said that they would try the more well known online travel agencies like Expedia rather tan taking a risk with Wego.

Ergonomic website
The website allows customers to manage their flights, hotels, and car rental arrangements. Looking on the online travel agency’s website, the main page has all the information you need to know. For example, their affiliates in airlines, hotels and car rentals are all available at the homepage. They also have a mobile app for the iPhone and Andrpio so you can access everything you need from your phone. Notifications about cheap flights are better especially when you’re at home relaxing.

Wego review web

Meanwhile, customers can contact Wego through +65 6692 0868 or email them at press@wego.com. Apart from that, customers with hearing disability can check the self service options that also provide FAQs for individuals with such a disability.

Contact information
On the other hand, the Wego headquarters is located at 100 Beach Road #23-07/13 Shaw Tower Singapore, 189702 Singapore. Add to that, Wego has 100 employees and an estimated yearly revenue of $250M.

Apart from that, this Wego review was also able to collect additional useful contact information which would help the new travelers as well as new back packers.

  • Web site: http://www.wego.com/
  • Contact number: 65 6692 0868
  • Fax Number: 65 6438 8245
  • Head Office Address: 100 Beach Road #23-07/13 Shaw Tower Singapore, 189702 Singapore

Wego the agency for the stars

Based on the information collected by the updated Wego review, the online travel agency is still unknown to frequent flyers as well as new customers that have been looking for more affordable rates compared to other online travel agencies in the market.

Another observation is that Wego lacked a customer support that could resolve customer’s problem even the simplest ones. Due to that, most of the customers don’t recommend Wego.

With these observations, Wego needs to be woken up for them not to be replaced by other travel sites.

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3 thoughts on “Wego Review

  1. Eli McDonald

    How can we go with Wego if they don’t show how they go, then we’ll never know what it is with Wego.

    1. christopher shulcke

      I don’t know what these guys are doing, but it’s better to book with a trusted agent than someone’s that’s awfully suspicious.


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