Wegolo Review

Wegolo Review

“We fly low cost.”

This is the banner of the Dutch based Wegolo online travel agency. Like many travel agencies on the Internet, it promises to provide very affordable flight booking options to the most budget conscious traveler.

However, Wegolo defines itself as “an independent and neutral consumer organisation,” based on a press release posted a decade ago during the online travel agency’s inception. The press release goes further to describe Wegolo as very easy to use and very functional.

Apart from that, Wegolo has five core values that distinguish them from the other online travel agencies in the market.

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First, Wegolo claims that they are the “first booking engine to combine different low cost airlines in one single booking.” This meant that travelers would be able to make connecting flights with several different airlines and put them all in one booked flight. Second, they claim that the are a neutral entity and that meant they would be able to provide a “complete, clear, and up-to-date” list of low budget airlines in the market.

Third, Wegolo says there would be no hidden charges on the booked flight. They added that they include the information on extra airport or airline fees and charges on the booked flight. Fourth, they have a full time customer support hotline for travelers’ concerns.

Fifth, Wegolo has simplified the booking process in four easy steps: Search-Select-Book-Fly.

Dealing with Wegolo may seem pretty simple, especially with the five core values that they hold on to; however, this Wegolo review would try to peer at what really happens when a traveler books a flight with the online travel agency.

Living in a rock

Wegolo might seem perfect if the traveler has been living in a rock. The offers that it posted on their website would also be available in other online travel agencies, maybe even better.

What’s more interesting to note is that most of its operations are based in the UK and in Europe.

For travelers living elsewhere, this might cause a few concerns as there might be some information unavailable in Wegolo that could be searched in other travel websites.

One customer from New York had a very bad experience after booking with Wegolo. They said that after they put in their booking and payment information, they received a pending and technical error message. They contacted Wegolo through email because there were no customer support hotlines on the website. They are still waiting for a response from the online travel agency.

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What’s worse is that this is not the first time a customer received the same pending and technical error message. Another customer received the same error after attempting to book a flight with Wegolo. Because of the error, the customer decided to book a new flight with a different agent. After a couple of days, the customer received an email from Wegolo telling them that their booking has been confirmed. This resulted to the customer being charged for two booked flight. It’s still unclear if they were given a full refund after they filed a complaint.

Evolutionary problems

Based on the complaints from previous customers, this Wegolo review finally went to check the website that caused travelers to deal with double charged cards and late replies to emails.

The Wegolo website is relatively bare. Travelers could only put in their origin and destination, then book a flight. This is definitely what Wegolo stands for so there’s no complaining about that.

However, the travel options are pretty limited especially if the search would include destinations in Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas.

As for the customer support link, this Wegolo review only found an option for email support in the website, which many customers complained about because it takes two days for the online travel agency to reply to a customer’s concern.

Contact information

For the brave souls who still wish to fly with this online travel agency, this Wegolo review was able to collect a few more details about it.

  • Website URL: https://www.wegolo.com/
  • Contact Email: info@travix.com
  • Head Office Address et Heinkade 55, 1019 GM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Old School OTA

There is little information about Wegolo and most of it does not paint a pretty picture of the Dutch based online travel agency. One might think that it overslept when the rest of the online travel agency market decided that they need to evolve to accommodate the growing number of customers with continuously increasing needs overtime.

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    1. robert dawn

      maybe they are fixing it but we just can’t feel it. anyway, I just booked with them a couple of weeks ago then had to go through a lot of trouble when I needed to makes changes on the ticket. what a mess!


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