WhichBudget Review

WhichBudget Review

Since the time online travel agencies have emerged in the travel and tourism industry, several travel companies have evolved to provide a multitude of packages and travel offers to the unsuspecting traveler.

It’s a relief that among these online travel agencies that offer more than what is being asked for by travelers, there are those that exist to simplify the process of booking a flight online.

WhichBudget is among those online travel agencies that may look and feel like a flight booking website; however, it offers more than that, for less. WhichBudget’s mission is to provide several flight options and deals for the common traveler while removing the fuss in the process.

Based on the company’s LinkedIn account, “WhichBudget is a flight search engine – just like Google, but only for flights!” Customers could simply browse through the variety of options the moment they fill in their point of origin, their destination, and click send. They do not have to even include a date and the website will process the request.

Another neat trick that can be done in the WhichBudget website is that customers may simply do a random scan of flight information without typing in a destination. This WhichBudget review will find out more of this online travel agency and what other tricks they hide up their sleeves.

Match made in heaven

WhichBudget was born out of romantic encounter between founder and CEO Martino Matijevic and Isabelle de Cato. They were students at Oxford in the 1990s when they caught the eye of one another.

The two fell in love but had a challenge of meeting each other during school breaks, Matijevic was from the UK while de Cato lived in France. They had to search for the most inexpensive flights in order to be together.

This activity of searching for affordable, no frills flights became habitual that the couple continued doing it even when they were already together and starting their careers in England. This time, they search for flights just to get away from their hectic schedules during the weekend.

In 2002, Matijevic decided to use his IT expertise to built a small online utility for searching the Internet for the most affordable flights. This is WhichBudget.

WhichBudget review CEO

WhichBudget founder and CEO Martino Matijevic

Eventually, the couple referred this neat web utility to their friends who also loved travelling on a budget. Because of the demand for more flight information, the company grew to include additional destinations across the globe like USA and Asia Pacific apart from Europe.

Although WhichBudget may have grown to become a huge flight information hub in the past decade, there are certain things that the online travel agency may have missed out during their development. Those things would be tackled further in this WhichBudget review.

Too much love too little time

WhichBudget is certainly a huge database of flight information. For starters, the online travel agency would provide several links to passengers the moment they put in information about their itinerary. The same goes when a passenger just scans over the list of countries on the website.

The links are presented on the website is like a catalog of an online store and directs the travelers to the airlines once they’re clicked.

This is certainly cool if a person has all the time in the world for bargain hunting for flights. However, there are some travelers that just want things done without doing the bargain hunting portion. WhichBudget is a good example of information overload. there’s just too much information that it could inundate a traveler that’s looking for the most inexpensive flight in the catalog created by WhichBudget.

With WhichBudget, it would be easier for the traveler to directly book a flight with their favorite airliner if it’s just going to be a same trip they’ve been doing all the time; or book with the country’s flag carrier or its affiliates if they’re flying internationally.

The Spider’s Web

As was mentioned earlier in this WhichBudget review, the online travel agency’s website has loads of information in it. However, a traveler would not have any difficulty making a quick search because the search panel is already located on the top portion of the website.

WhichBudget review website

In the midsection of the website, travelers would be able to scan or sift through the various countries and their respective flag carriers. Meanwhile, travelers would also be able to learn more of the various airlines across the globe when they scroll at the bottom of the website.

WhichBudget review website2

The WhichBudget website is pretty simple but it gets a bit exasperating once the catalog is launched after a customer begins a quick search.

Like what this WhichBudget review said earlier, experienced travelers would have an easier time booking flights with their favorite online travel agency, like FlightHub for one, or just book a flight directly with the airline.

Apart from consuming some time with the catalog of flights, WhichBudget does not have a link for customer support. What they do have is a set of social media pages where customers would be able to check the online travel agency’s regular posts.

Contact information

For the travelers who are still interested or curious about WhichBudget, they could look at the additional contact information about the company in this WhichBudget review.

  • Website URL: http://www.whichbudget.com/
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Head Office Address: England

Like Christmas Shopping

This WhichBudget review found the online travel agency a bit interesting with its no fuss deals and going “back to basics” philosophy. However, this website is best for backpackers who still have no clue where to go next and what flight would be the most inexpensive in the market.

Going through the catalog of flights would be like shopping for Christmas gifts for relatives who only visit during the holidays. People have no idea where to begin.

As for the traveler that takes regular routes most of the time, it would be best to stick with what’s already comfortable and familiar.

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