Wimdu Reviews

Wimdu Reviews

Wimdu Reviews - LogoAmidst the busy schedule of a traveler, there is that minute when his or her body simply needs to rest and release itself from the weights of a long trip. It surely helps when a voyager finds a spot where they could extend their legs and take in some demeanor of solace while removing the fatigue aggregating the entire day.

With the expansion of online travel offices in the travel and tourism industry, it’s nice to find out that a few of them have had some expertise in helping explorers discover a spot to rest those sore soles and loosen their bowed backs from an excessive amount of strolling or sitting on the plane seat.

It is because of this and a few other reasons that enlivened Hinrich Dreiling and Arne Bleckwenn  to create the online booking website Wimdu in the year 2011.

The organization just began as a little Deutsche global group and it rapidly developed into a lodging rental domain. Today, Wimdu offers an extensive variety of loft rentals around the world to oblige an assortment of clients and their inclinations.

In this article, we will look at Wimdu reviews to assess the site’s administration and what individuals think of their services.

Origins and ownership

Wimdu Reviews - Arne KahlkeThe organization’s chief executive officer is Arne Kahlke ever since the year 2014, when Wimdu originators Arne Bleckwenn and Hinrich Dreiling chose to deliberately venture down as the joint executives of Wimdu to be part the Board of Directors of the organization instead.

What people are saying

Next to AirBnB, Wimdu is amongst the most generally well-known online lodging rentals on the web. Looking at Wimdu reviews online, numerous clients have a considerable measure of things to say in regards to them including restricting perspectives about their administrations. In addition, it appears that they gathered various suggestions from their past clients.

In view of online audits, Wimdu is quite respected by explorers for their administrations; a greater part of the analysts communicated their fulfillment for the considerable experience they have with the host or the property supplier suggested by Wimdu. It appears that Wimdu could locate the most moderate rates on the highlighted property on their site, which is the motivation behind why clients disparage the administrations.

On the other hand, the organization is criticized by various dissensions with respect to charged defective administrations. A great number of their dedicated clients disdained the organization’s poor client administration. Moreover, Wimdu was scrutinized for the advanced payment rule which did not include discount.

The website

Wimdu Reviews - Website
The site is pretty standard but well laid-out. It offers a straightforward search panel to hunt and book accommodation businesses around the world. What makes the site interesting is that clients can channel the indexed lists in view of their individual criteria. Besides that, they offer all the essential data about the property house principles, costs, and terms and conditions.

Customer Service

While Wimdu may not have a customer support email or hotline, clients may still get support by reading their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. On that page, customers may likewise look at some featured articles regarding the website’s services.


The organization utilizes the shared property rental strategy that promotes personal and unique accommodations around the world. The services of the organization range from little to expansive properties in various nations. They likewise offer tailor made lodging. Wimdu is additionally judged by debates and reprimanded for impersonating its rival AirBnB.

Contact information


In view of these Wimdu reviews, the online travel office is addressed for its dependability in offering decent services. In spite of the fact that they appear to have great administrations, individuals should be careful when booking with them.

It’s surely hazardous for clients when they need to pay ahead of time not realizing that the property they’re leasing may not be on a par with they thought it would be, and there is a “no discount” approach set up.

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